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Los angeles DUI by Ride-Sharing Driver lawyers

Taxi, limo, and Uber drivers, all have to abide by the same laws on the road as other drivers, maybe more so because they are in charge of caring for their passengers. The DUI laws in the state of California are about to get a little more tougher on these ride-sharing drivers, as the current 0.08 BAC is about to drop to 0.04 in the near future. Until then, being arrested for driving under the influence is a serious offense that could result in serious consequences.

These are some of the ways that a local Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer could help get the charges against you lessened or possible have the case thrown out.

Questions About Field Testing
A good Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer will want to speak with the arresting officer about his choice of field tests that were used to determine if the driver exhibited signs of being under the influence. Your attorney can subpoena the video of the arrest and may a request to have the officer take the stand at the license hearing. During the hearing, all your attorney is trying to do is get the officer to give up some information that can be used later in the trial.

If the officer used one test over another, your attorney wants to know why. Since the prosecution must convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt, the job of the Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer is to simply weaken their case.

Results of Faulty Equipment
There are numerous DUI cases throughout the state that are dismissed because the tests were not conducted correctly. If the arresting officer has little experience with the device, or did not calibrate it correctly, then the results could be negatively impacted. Your Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer is trying to discover if the officer has a history of making mistakes with the equipment, or if the device itself has provided false readings in the past.

If the device has been incorrect before, it could open the door for your attorney to show that the current results can not be trusted. Your attorney can push for a reckless driving instead, which means your driving privileges will not be revoked.

Not Following Proper Procedures
The officer who made the arrest needed to follow certain procedures in order to conclude that you were driving under the influence. The officer needed to have probable cause to pull the vehicle over in the first place, before they determined the driver may be intoxicated. The Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer will check the police report and try to determine the reasoning why the vehicle was pulled over.

If your criminal defense attorney can show that there was no probable cause to pull the car over, then it is possible the case could be dismissed.

Errors With Laboratory Results
In order to be convicted of DUI in California, the laboratory results from the blood test have to fall in line with the BAC numbers. Your Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer will be able to access information to see if the laboratory that is performing the tests has done so in line with the rules and regulations that protect you as a citizen. Your attorney will be able to uncover evidence that shows the lab has made mistakes before, and after reviewing the arrest video, uncovered evidence the results could be wrong here too.

The job of your lawyer is to simply cast doubt, to show the court that a mistake may have been made, and as a result, the charges in this case should be dropped. The best Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyer only needs one shred of evidence the lab didn’t follow through on their responsibilities, and a move to dismiss will be in order.

If you are not getting legal help and assuming you must take the punishment of the court in your DUI case, it could mean the end of your business. Speak with the Los Angeles DUI by ride-sharing driver lawyers first, they have the ability to poke holes in the prosecution case to get you a more favorable outcome.

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