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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Los Angeles DUI Arrest with no Alcohol

Police officers’ versions of a situation in a court of law are never a complete reflection of the true picture of reality. So are some DUI arrests. People get arrested by the authority with allegations of driving under the influence on daily occasions, which may not necessarily be the case. Luckily, most law firms have taken note of this offense and have braced themselves to get better in arguing out such cases and safeguarding the rights and interests of the victim. The leading law firms are known for their unceasing dedication to serving its clients who find themselves intertwined in such situations. Its attorneys are constantly in the process of bettering themselves through seminars and training sessions to ensure they deal with DUI allegations against their clients.

It goes without saying that being behind the wheel under the influence is an offense in most countries. Encountering the police in such a state leads to DUI charges, which translates to impounding of your vehicle while you end up behind bars if convicted. Besides, you may be penalized with a hefty fine and your driving license may be revoked or suspended. However, with the representation of the top DUI attorneys, you stand a better chance of beating the prosecuting team in such a case and face different outcomes.

In most justice systems, not just in Los Angeles, a suspect is always innocent until proven guilty. However, some systems overlook the principle and treat most DUI suspects as guilty and are left with the burden of proving their innocence. This is wrong, and Los Angeles DUI attorneys have stepped up to offer such afflicted clients the best defense. They are committed to providing the accused with top notch legal defense. Besides, they operate under a firm conviction that no victim of the system should be denied his or her legal right by the authorities. Also, they offer personalized attention to individual clients to accord utmost attention.

Top Los Angeles DUI lawyers are highly effective since they work as a team. The skilled and talented lawyers have a vast experience in DUI. Moreover, some of them are former prosecutors and highly regarded members of the justice system.

It is general knowledge that some drivers have been arrested for DUI due to faulty test results. These tests may be administered incorrectly by the officers of the law. With this in mind, Los Angeles DUI lawyers have gone ahead to build strong defenses on this area of dispute and scrutinize the test administering officer’s knowledge and experience in giving the tests and other factors that may influence the test results. They work to raise doubt on whether the test was properly conducted in the jury’s mind in favor of their clients.

Faulty DUI charges

Human is to error, and police officers in the line of duty can make mistakes. Hence, you may be arrested with the inclination of driving under the influence while in the real sense you were as sober as a judge. Typically, the arrest may lead to a DUI charge. Fortunately, DUI lawyers assist you in ironing out your record and acquitting you from a DUI conviction. They work tirelessly to collect the necessary medical evidence to help defend you in court.

Inaccurate DUI testing

DUI tests especially breathalyzers may often be wrong. The lawyers know this and include it in your defense when you are accused of a DUI. Hence, DUI attorneys help prove faulty testing equipment by carrying out investigations on your behalf.

Plea bargaining

In a case likely to offer a plea bargain deal, DUI lawyers come in handy. This chance is presented if the sobriety test results were inconclusive and no unusual behavior noticed from the defendant. Through their extensive experience, DUI attorneys negotiate with the prosecution to drop the DUI charges and settle for a case of reckless driving, which bears a lighter sentence

DUI arrests are horrendous, and the process is daunting. Defending yourself when arrested due to DUI and getting away with it is an almost impossibility. If arrested, whether guilty or wrongly accused, it is prudent to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney who will navigate your way through to a justified triumphant end.

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