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Los Angeles DUI and Traffic Court

A DUI is a serious criminal offense and brings with it a host of repercussions. Over the years, people have come to view a DUI charge as a more violent action. When people get drunk behind the wheel of a car, lives can be lost. Anyone who does this sort of thing obviously isn’t in their right state of mind due to the consumption of alcohol, so it has become more common for courts to do more than just throw hefty fines the way of the perpetrator. They want rehabilitation as well. While the bulk of DUI offenses will be heard in a criminal court of law, there are a sparse few that will reach traffic court. There’s a distinct difference between traffic court and criminal court.

First offenses and even second offenses are misdemeanors, which are crimes carrying a sentence of a year or less in jail. Even though these are considered less serious offenses, they can still bring jail time, large fines, and of course, things like DUI classes. Los Angeles DUI lawyers are well-versed in traffic court. They know how each phase of the system works.

Another kind of crime is called an “infraction” and these are the cases that end up in traffic court. They’re punishable by a simple fine. They aren’t even filed by the prosecutor but by the arresting officer. You’re arraigned in traffic court, able to plead guilty or not guilty, and then you are scheduled for a trial or given your sentence or in a best case scenario have your case dismissed. Sometimes the arresting officer will testify directly about the details behind the infraction.

A very few DUI cases will end up in these traffic courts without formal filing by a prosecutor. An example of a case that might end up here is the case of a driver who is less than 21 years of age. These drivers aren’t allowed to drive with ANY alcohol in their system, meaning that if they’re arrested for this they will sometimes end up in traffic court. A conviction would bring a year’s license suspension and possible time in traffic school.

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Los Angeles DUI lawyers know the ins and outs of traffic school. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor DUI that is set to be arraigned in a traffic court, a Los Angeles DUI attorney can help you win the best possible outcome in your scenario. Los Angeles DUI attorneys know exactly what it takes to have your case dismissed or how to help you avoid any kind of jail time, especially if you’re set to be tried in traffic court.

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