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Los Angeles DUI and the Watson Advisement

Most people in California are relatively unfamiliar with the adverse effects of a DUI conviction. If you are in this lot, then you should know that it could be one the biggest mistakes in a person’s life. DUI laws have toughened over the years, and every department seems to take them seriously presently. What are the consequences of a DUI conviction?

To start with, you could be tried for murder if you kill someone while driving under influence. If convicted of DUI, most courts in California will require you to sign a form known as the Watson advisement even if you are a first-time offender. Signing the form creates a legal record stating that you are aware of the dangers that DUI poses to you and others. Therefore, if you ever kill someone in another DUI, then you can be held accountable for murder even if it was purely accidental. Nevertheless, certain conditions must be met for Watson advisement to take effect, and the reputable DUI attorneys are known to challenge it on various legal grounds.

Presently, Watson advisement is offered not only during DUI litigation but also in some traffic schools. Every driver in Los Angeles has to receive it as an essential part of the training program. Besides, the defendant also receives Watson advisement if he or she has to attend the drug or alcohol education program after a DUI conviction. This ensures that every driver clearly understands the implications of driving under influence.

As a result, a DUI conviction can be a misadventure to your career and financial plans. The conviction can take a big chunk out of a bank account. For instance, the consequences for a first-time DUI conviction in California will cost you at least $1,800 in form of penalties and fines. The zero tolerance California laws might also require you to attend a DUI driving school or install an expensive ignition interlock system.

In addition, a DUI conviction results in a huge rise in auto insurance premium rates. Unfortunately, many DUI-convicted drivers don’t consider it as an expense at first. However, according to the reviews of most insurers, first-time DUI-convicted drivers in California should expect their insurance premiums to double. The leading Los Angeles DUI attorneys reveal that a DUI conviction in California can continually affect the convict’s career and insurance rates for years because employers and insurance firms retain the criminal records and driving records for decades.

Just like any other conviction, DUI sentencing can affect every aspect of your life. The incident will still haunt you even after your time in jail or after spending thousands of dollars as fines. Even worse, the sentence takes away the respect people had for you, and your family and associates start seeing you as an irresponsible person. What can you do to avoid a DUI arrest and the Watson advisement? Well, the most appropriate answer is that you should avoid driving under influence. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation and the officer suspects it and requests for a BAC test, all is not lost since Los Angeles DUI attorneys can help you out.

If you get arrested for DUI, you should contact the top-rated Los Angeles DUI attorneys for legal advice and representation. These experts are conversant with every aspect of DUI cases and will work around the clock to ensure your DUI case is resolved. Besides, they have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, and they work closely with other experts to ensure you avoid DUI conviction and Watson advisement. They have won numerous DUI cases and will most certainly get you off the hook.

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