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Los Angeles DUI and the Hospital and Morgue Program

Most drivers who are charged and convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles are put on probation for about three years, longer depending on the nature of the charge and if there are any prior convictions. When the defendant is on probation, there are conditions that must be met, such as regular visits with the probation officer and refraining from getting another charge during the probationary period. If these conditions are not met, then the officer can issue a violation. That doesn’t mean that the person will automatically go to jail, but it doesn’t look positive in front of a judge if there are several violations or when the time comes to review the terms of the probation.

Those who are convicted for the first time with a DUI charge are often ordered to take some type of alcohol education class. One of the conditions in Los Angeles for those who are on probation for a DUI is to take a Hospital and Morgue program. This is a program started by local hospitals so that they can give defendants an idea of some of the injuries and other consequences that could happen if an accident occurs while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Los Angeles Coroner’s Department also works with the hospitals in the program. It’s meant for the younger defendants who have been charged with a DUI in the hopes that they will see that drinking or using any substance while driving can lead to injuries or death. There are also traffic safety components taught so that the defendant might make a better choice before getting behind the wheel of a car if intoxicated in the future.

Once the alcohol education classes are completed, then the Hospital and Morgue program will begin. The class will visit the emergency department of a local hospital as well as the Los Angeles County Morgue. While at the hospital, students in the class will speak with doctors and nurses who have treated those who have been in car accidents as we result of drinking and driving. There will also be an Emergency Medical Technician on hand to answer questions about sights that are seen at accident scenes. Students are shown pictures and even a few videos of accidents and the aftermath that the accidents cause.

When the class has completed the hospital tour, they will then be required to visit the morgue. They will see pictures and hear stories about how drinking or using drugs while driving has resulted in the death of the driver or someone else in the car or in another car that is involved in the accident. The class will walk through an area where the bodies are stored and where they are processed. Students will learn everything from how the organs are removed from the body to what happens to the body before it’s placed in a casket or cremated. They will also learn about accidents that occur that are so severe that the organs aren’t in a position to be donated. This program is meant to give a relative check to those who have made the decision to get behind the wheel with any kind of intoxicating substance in the body. An essay is a part of the program once the students have visited both locations. Los Angeles DUI Lawyers can present the certificate of completion to the probation officer and the judge to show that the defendant has taken part in the class. With the help of an attorney, the defendant could see an early termination of probation or the reinstatement of the driver’s license if it has been revoked.

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