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Los Angeles DUI and The Court Driver’s License Suspension

For those people who have faced charges concerning driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, one of the main concerns is to understand the repercussions of such a conviction in their daily lives and their capability to drive a vehicle. If you are arrested and charged with the DUI offense, your driving license will be automatically revoked by the court. For the defenders who are dealing with a potential administrative license revocation or suspension, this action is often confusion for most of the defendants in the United States. It is imperative, for those who have faced a DUI charge, to understand what the potential consequences of your driver’s license could be.

When you face charges for a DUI case, your driver’s license will be seized by the arresting officer to provide you with a notice of suspension or revocation. These administrative offenses often operate independently of the occurrences that happen in the court system. Unless the driver files a request for an Administrative Per Se hearing, this suspension will automatically become active within the first ten days of arrest. The DMV will also schedule a hearing to determine the justified suspension if a timely hearing request is filed. The suspension of four months is applicable for the first DU offense by the driver. After 30 days, the driver will be eligible for a restricted license. If the driver refused to conduct a chemical test, they would face a full-year license suspension without any capability to obtain during the period of suspension.

Regardless of the DMV proceeding hearing, the driving privileges of the driver will be suspended by the DMV for anyone thought to be convicted in the DUI court. In many occasions, drivers may also win this hearing but are surprised to have their licenses suspended whenever they are convicts of the court cases. While the court and administrative suspensions are independent of each other, the DMV can run its suspension concurrently. For this reason, the driver will be credited for the time they did not drive under suspension.

The court system suspension is often stipulated to be six months if it was the first time for the Driver to be convicted of the DUI offense. In this case, the BAC must have fallen below 15 percent. After serving a 30-day hard suspension, the driver can be eligible for a restricted license. During a hard suspension, you are not required to drive. Whenever you have a restricted driving suspension, the only places you need to drive from are work and from the alcohol education center. Before the driver is eligible to have the restricted driving experience lifted from their suspension, they must prove that they have completed their alcohol class education program. In this case, DMV will remove the driving restrictions and the reinstated privileges.

In Los Angeles, drivers convicted of the DUI offense must have their vehicles installed with the Ignition Interlock Device as part of their fulfillment of their DMV Pilot Program. This restriction acts as the gap between removing the work-and-drive driving restrictions imposed on the DUI offender. With this device, the drive will drive anywhere at any time. Remember that automatic suspensions apply for repetitive defendants. If you have faced a prior DUI conviction, your driving license will be suspended automatically .

If you are concerned about your driver’s license or charged with DUI, it’s imperative to consult a Los Angeles DUI attorney immediately. The Los Angeles Law Firm has more than three decades of professional experience in representing DUI clients. For this reason, they are the best choice for your case. Please contact us for detailed consultation sessions for no charges.

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