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Los Angeles DUI and The Board of Medical Quality Assurance

Many professional careers require state licenses. Anyone who works in the medical field in California is issued a state license from the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance. This board was created to assist patients, hospitals, and doctor’s offices ensure they are hiring and employing only the best of the best in the medical field. When a doctor or other medical professional is arrested for breaking any law, this board is going to find out what happened. Disciplinary action is taken by the board in addition to the actions taken by a local court when a doctor or other medical professional breaks the law.

The board is legally able to suspend or revoke any license issued to a medical professional if he or she is arrested and convicted of DUI if an investigation into the matter supports the final decision. This news is not good for medical professionals charged with a DUI, because it leaves them facing twice the disciplinary action when they are convicted. When a doctor or medical professional is arrested, they are required by law to report the arrest to the board immediately. Failure to do so does result in an additional criminal charge.

The Board’s Decision

It’s not immediate whether the board will revoke a license following this kind of conviction. The way the process works is simple. The board is notified about your DUI arrest, and they want to hear it from you as well. Once they hear from both you and the police about your arrest, the board might ask for additional information. This information is to come from you, and it will be communicated to you via the postal service.

Your job is to provide the information the board requires, and you must do it in a timely fashion. The board will conduct its own investigation of your arrest, but they will wait until your conviction is complete. You could be disciplined with large fines, probation, or community service. You might see a conviction that includes one or more of those punishments, and you might see your license suspended fully or partially by the courts.

The board will make its own decision once its investigation is complete. During this time, they’ll likely suspend your license for a short time. If your arrest was directly related to your job in any way, you will face a greater chance of having your license to practice medicine revoked. If your court case ends with a reduced sentence or a light fine, you might find the board is more lenient in issuing discipline.

The board isn’t required to adhere to the terms of the law, but they might just be willing to let you go with a warning when your charges are not serious. If it’s your first offense, the chance of this occurring increases significantly. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in the past or have a history of other criminal activity, your chance of seeing your license suspended or revokes grows.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and are facing conviction, it’s time to call a Los Angeles DUI attorney to help with your case. An attorney with experience working DUI cases can help reduce charges, find inconsistencies in testimonies, and they can find any improper conduct on behalf of the arresting officers. Your professional life is greatly affected by the outcome of your conviction, which is why an attorney is not something you want to forgo if you are a licensed medical professional. Your entire career is on the line, which means it’s time to get serious about these charges.

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