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Case Results

Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Los Angeles DUI and Teachers

Every teacher in California must undergo a background check to receive a license to educate children in the state. Without passing a criminal background check, a teacher is not permitted to obtain a license and enter into an educational facility in which children are present. This is why it’s so imperative teachers not drive under the influence. A DUI arrest is placed in your background check and criminal history, and it can cost you a job and your license. The California Commission on teacher Credentialing is notified immediately when any licensed teacher in the state is arrested and charged with a DUI, and they have the right to suspend and revoke your license as a result.

Circumstantial Review

When a teacher’s license is suspended, it might be later revoked depending on the outcome of a DUI case. The board is going to take the conviction and evidence into consideration, and they will view the circumstances surrounding the arrest and make a final decision using this. The good news for teachers in LA is that most first-time offenses are not the cause of permanent license revocation. This means you can go back to work when your case has been heard and decided, and you will not lose your license permanently.

The only way this might not work for you is if your DUI closely ties to your job. If you were pulled over, arrested, and convicted of a DUI on the way to work in the morning or on your way home from work in the afternoon, this ties to your job and will result in an immediate revocation of your license. Any DUI issued during a school function such as a field trip or evening function at the school will result in the immediate dismissal of the teacher from his or her job as well as the immediate revocation of the license the state issued.

Prior DUI Arrests

If a teacher is being arrested and charged with a DUI for a second or third time, it becomes a much larger problem. It’s still considered a misdemeanor, but it’s considered habitual at this point. This is taken into consideration when the board is deciding whether to remove a teacher from his or her post by revoking his or her license. It’s far better to learn your lesson correctly the first time than to face the board a subsequent time.

If you are being arrested and charged with a fourth DUI in a span of ten years or less, California law now requires you are charged with a felony. This comes complete with mandatory jail time, loss of your job, and loss of your teaching credentials forever. This crime will not come off your criminal background, and you will find it’s impossible to obtain a license to teach ever again. Most teachers never make it this far before they lose their license and job.

Calling an Attorney

If you are a teacher anywhere in California and you are arrested and charged with a DUI, it’s time to call our Los Angeles DUI attorneys for help with your case. Our attorneys work diligently to reduce your charges, reinstate your license, and prove the prosecution wrong when they want to convict you of this crime. There is no guarantee we can completely overturn your case and get you off without any consequences, but we can try. Our job is to make sure you get to keep your job, and that you learn your lesson the first time around. You have rights, so call now to invoke them.

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