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Los Angeles DUI and Government Code Section 53150

DUI cases are always a tragedy. There is never an excusable reason to get behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk. These cases become all the more complicated when there is a serious injury during the commission of a DUI. Collision cases are some of the most horrific and tragic of all DUI cases. No lawyer is happy that such incidents happen but there are lawyers out there who believe you have a right to representation no matter what the circumstances. They work day and night to be sure that you get the fairness you deserve in these cases.

The complications of a DUI collision are addressed in California Government Code Section 53150. This important code allows local authorities to recover emergency response damages in cases where a DUI is involved. This is the exception and not the rule to most cases in California. Very rarely are local authorities able to recover any type of damages or costs as a result of a citizen’s negligence. DUIs are covered under this code because they are a serious infringement against the community as a whole. If the accident is bad enough, the California legislature agrees that emergency responses and law enforcement teams should be able to recover damages. One such common case of this is the case of the hit and run, which shows a blatant disregard for human life. Fire and medical personnel are often called to the scenes of these crimes and they, too, can recover costs because of someone’s negligence.

Government Code ยง53150 states that anyone who is under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or a combination thereof, and negligently operates a motor vehicle that results in an accident requiring an emergency response, can be liable for the expenses of those emergency response teams. This is a very brief and paraphrased version of the code but it gives you a general idea. If you drive drunk and cause an accident that brings out medical, fire, and law enforcement teams, you could be held accountable for their expenses.

There have to be a very specific set of circumstances for this to occur and judges will decide whether or not your case warrants this code to be called into action. If you’ve been accused of negligently operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and you caused an accident that brought out public response teams, you need a lawyer on your side who knows how to get you the best possible outcome in this scenario. Few people have the financial resources to pay for the huge medical bills and response bills that might result after a DUI accident. While the number is huge – $12,000 – it is capped at that number. It doesn’t go beyond that even if the bill was much larger than that. Still, few people who are charged with a DUI have the resources to pay $12,000 in addition to attorney’s fees, court costs, and fines.

A defendant can argue that they don’t owe this. It’s up to a great lawyer to go to bat for you and help you keep the money you will need for all charges related to a DUI.

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