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Los Angeles Driving on a Suspended License Lawyers

Los Angeles Driving on a Suspended License Lawyers

Driving on a suspended license is a serious offense in Los Angeles. Each day drivers across the city are pulled over and found guilty of driving while suspended. There are hefty fines and penalties for driving after your license has been suspended, and understanding the consequences is key to avoiding the worst penalties and restoring your driving privileges.

Reasons for a License Suspension

There are several reasons that the state may suspend your license. First, outstanding fines and tickets can add up, leading to a suspension. If you have been summoned to appear and court and do not show up, the judge may issue a warrant and suspend your driving privileges. If you get into a car accident and don’t show proof of insurance, you may find yourself with a suspended license. Certain other infractions like DUI (driving while under the influence) or reckless driving can easily lead to a license suspension.

How the Prosecutor Will Prove Your Guilt

If there is evidence that you knew that your license was suspended while you were driving, the prosecutor will use this against you in court. If the court mailed a notice of your suspension to your current address, the prosecutor will use this to prove that you knew that your license was suspended before you got behind the wheel. This can be challenging for the prosecution, because it is difficult to prove that you were aware of the suspension. Your attorney can use this fact to your advantage if you are being tried for driving while suspended in Los Angeles.

Defenses to Driving While Suspended

Lack of knowledge is the most commonly used defense to driving while your license is suspended. If you can show that you no longer live at the address where the notice of suspension was mailed, you can use this in court to fight the case. This is common and juries often take these facts into consideration.

Fines and Penalties

If the suspension is your first offense, you may face between five days and six months in jail. The fine for a first time offense is between $300 and $1,000. If you have been previously convicted of driving while suspended, the fine is between $500 and $2,000, and you may face between 10 days and one year in jail. In addition, the court may also sentence you to probation or jail alternatives. Your lawyer will argue on your behalf and help you to avoid the most serious penalties when it comes to beating a driving while suspended case.

Hiring an Attorney to Fight Your Case

It is vital that you hire an experienced attorney to fight your case if you have been charged with driving with a suspended license. A license suspension is serious, and can lead to a loss of employment and independence. If the judge finds you guilty of this offense, you can face jail time and hefty fines that threaten your livelihood and lifestyle.

Your Los Angeles traffic attorney knows the law and can help you craft the right defenses in your case. He will review all of the facts and offer evidence that will help you to avoid the worst penalties. In some cases, he can have some of the charges thrown out altogether. He will present facts that paint you in the most positive light and assure the judge that you will be a model driver when you are allowed to restore your license.

When it comes to driving while suspended in Los Angeles, there are hefty penalties that you can cost you both your money and your freedom. Find the right lawyer today.

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