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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyers

California politicians and government officials have been working hard in recent years to try to prove they are cracking down on crime. As a result, it is becoming more common for Los Angeles residents to face domestic violence charges over alleged crimes that never happened.

Many of these cases are “he said, she said” incidences in which things are blown out of proportion in the heat of an argument. Often, a partner with an agenda calls the police over a minor incident and lies or exaggerates about what transpired. When this happens, you might find yourself charged with a crime. Even if you are completely innocent of what you are being accused of, you may need to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Once police are called to the scene, their main goal is to make an arrest. They will typically give the benefit of the doubt to the woman who claims to be the victim. Police usually do not take both sides of the story into account, even if the man tries to explain that his wife was the one who started the physical altercation. Even if the man is only defending himself and has not caused physical harm to his wife, while he himself has suffered visible injuries, police generally arrest the man.

Los Angeles domestic violence cases carry serious punishments that may include jail or prison time or hefty fines. If you are found guilty of a domestic violence charge, you might also lose custody of your children. You cannot rely on your lack of guilt to save you from a conviction and harsh sentence. You also have no hope of your partner coming to her senses and dropping the charges.

Once charges are filed, your girlfriend or wife cannot drop the charges if she changes her mind. Although some women believe they can make a 911 call to falsely accuse someone of domestic violence just to supposedly teach their significant other a lesson and then drop the charges later, the law does not work that way. Once the victim files a report, only the District Attorney or prosecutor can decide whether to drop the charges.

Prosecutors have one goal, which is to convict as many people as possible. Prosecutors want to make themselves look good by winning as many cases as the can. They do not want to ruin their reputations for being tough on crime by dropping charges.

Judges and juries are usually sympathetic to the victim in domestic violence cases and are likely to be convinced that the prosecution’s story is true. Los Angeles domestic violence cases usually result in a verdict in favor of the alleged victim, which can be devastating for a person falsely accused of such a crime.

If you have been arrested or charged with a domestic violence crime in Los Angeles, contact a lawyer as soon as possible to be advised of your legal rights. A criminal defense lawyer with experience defending domestic violence cases can help you deal with police and prosecutors, get charges against you dropped, or defend you in court.

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