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Los Angeles Dogfighting Criminal Lawyers

Dogfighting in Los Angeles is a crime that is taken very seriously. The state of California has made dogfighting a separate crime, instead of classifying it under their existing animal cruelty laws. California Penal Code 597.5 is the state’s dogfighting law that will provide various criminal penalties for different actions concerning dogfighting. These include:

1.Being in possession of any dog with intent to involve it with another dog for fighting purposes;

2.Coaxing any dog into a fight with another dog, or causing any dogs to harm one another, for monetary gain or amusement;

3.Allowing any of the above acts to occur on your premises and under your supervision, or aiding and abetting the acts themselves;

4.Being present at a dog fight or at an area that a dog fight is about to take place;

5.Adopting animals from local animal shelters with the intent to sell the animal specifically for dogfighting;

6.Adopting animals and training them for dogfighting.

Penalties for Dogfighting

You don’t have to be involved in the possession or sale of an animal to be charged with dogfighting in Los Angeles. If you are at a place where preparations are in the making for a dog fight, or are present when a dog fight is actively taking place, you can be penalized with PC 597.5 dogfighting. This is a misdemeanor under California laws. This penalty carries a sentence of up to one year in a local county jail, and/or fines up to $5,000.

Any other violations of dogfighting are considered felonies in Los Angeles. If you are looking at a felony conviction you may end up in jail for 16 months to three years, and/or fines up to $50,000.

Defense Options

Many residents of Los Angeles are shocked to learn how serious dogfighting is taken under California law. We are a legal team that will fight for you in order to get you the least sentence possible for the specific scenario you have been charged for. There are certain defenses that can be made against Penal Code 597.5 charges that can help our defendants get less time served and less of a fine. The following defenses include:

•Officers who performed the arrest violated search and seizure laws

•The prosecutor cannot prove ownership of the dog or dogs involved

•You lacked criminal intent

It is vastly important to obtain the services of a lawyer firm that will help you win the case made against you for dogfighting. If you are found guilty of dogfighting, there may be a penalty of asset forfeiture as well. The prosecutor may be able to initiate actions that allows the state to appropriate any possessions or property that you had gained through the act of dogfighting. This may include any real estate you won, personal property, equipment acquired during dogfighting, or profit and proceeds from the act itself. If you are found guilty of dogfighting in Los Angeles, you may lose many of your assets.

We are a reputable law firm who will work hard to help you win your case against dogfighting. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have seen all of these scenarios and will know what the best legal defense is for your specific case. Contact us today to get the law working for you.

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