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Los Angeles Disturbing a Religious Meeting Criminal Lawyers

The crime of disturbing a religious meeting is one that yields stiff consequences. Speaking to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is a wise move under those circumstances. Your citation claims that you disrupted a governmentally protected gathering of people who want to share their faith in their place of assembly. An experienced attorney can explain the charge, the consequences thereof, and the options that you have for fighting it. You can contact a specialist today for an initial case evaluation.

What Is a Religious Meeting?

A religious meeting is an assembly of people that practice a specific decree, doctrine or belief system. Religious meetings generally occur inside of church buildings, but they can occur inside of non-traditional buildings, as well. Examples of religious groups are Christians, Muslims and Jews. The people who practice these doctrines and belief systems come together in their assembly to exchange ideas and worship their higher power. They assemble in peace, and they have the right to discuss their religious beliefs without interference. The authorities are accusing you of disturbing their peace if you have a citation for disturbing a religious meeting.

What Is Disturbing a Religious Meeting?

Many actions can constitute the act of disturbing a religious meeting. One example of disturbing a religious meeting is screaming out in disagreement about something that the pastor or preacher says. Another way that you could disturb a religious meeting is by trying to coax their members to leave. Talking on your cell phone in the sanctuary or blasting music during a prayer session are other ways that you could be guilty of disturbing the meeting. Furthermore, you can be convicted of disturbing a religious meeting even if the disturbance that you cause is outside of the church. Religious assemblies are sensitive because of the recent crimes that people have inflicted on the communities. The government wants to be certain that no one infringes on the religious people’s rights.

Penalty for Disturbing a Religious Meeting

The crime of disturbing a religious meeting is a misdemeanor in the state of California. It carries a penalty of up to one year in jail. The fine can be as much as $1,000. You may be eligible to serve community service instead of jail time if you receive a conviction. You may have to serve your community service in the same church that you disturbed.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Our specialists can help you with a viable defense strategy that can ward off the accusation. You have been the victim of a gross misunderstanding. Therefore, you will want to speak with our lawyer so that he or she can be the voice of defensive reasoning. The authorities must do everything by the book even when they deliver citations for church disturbances. Your attorney will take steps to ensure that you receive proper treatment and the arresting officer followed protocol. If all else fails, your attorney will try to negotiate for lighter sentencing. The goal of our firm is always to obtain an acquittal or dismissal, however.

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You can schedule a case evaluation today by reaching out to us by phone or short form. The short form will ask you for some contact information and the nature of your visit. Someone will get back to you quickly and schedule your consultation. Be sure to bring your citation and any documents or digital media that can prove your innocence in the matter. The attorney will begin trying to diffuse the situation the moment you give him or her the head nod to defend you.

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