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Los Angeles Disability Placard Forgery Lawyers

Los Angeles Disability Placard Forgery Attorneys

Contrary to popular belief, disability placard forgery is a crime in the state of California and is absolutely something that you can be penalized for. The statue that governs how the state of California deals with those who have committed this crime can be found in the California Vehicle Code 4461 VC. 4461 VC strictly prohibits the following methods of misuse in regards to disability parking placards such as: a lawful holder lending the placard to someone else who does not need it, a person displaying a placard that has been revoked or cancelled or a person who parks in a parking space that is designated for those with disabilities that has a special disabled license plate that was legally issued to someone else.

Possible penalties for violating this provision include: a fine that is potentially between $250 and $1,000 and/or a six month sentence in jail. Given the severity of these sanctions, it is highly recommended that you retain counsel to represent you if you have been charged with disability placard forgery in the state of California. The reason for this is that there are several defenses to this charge that may be beneficial to your case. For example, some of these possible defenses include that you were transporting a person who was disabled when you were cited or you did not knowingly let another person who was not disabled use your placard for their own personal use.

Our law firm specializes in cases that are related to disability placard forgery in the state of California. If you have been charged with disability placard forgery in regards to using a placard illegally or producing them for others, we are absolutely here to help. The best way to see if our firm is a proper fit for your upcoming case is to schedule a consultation appointment with us in order to see whether your case has legal merit. Once it is determined that you do have a legally valid case, our associate will determine if we have no other clients whose interests conflict with your case. If all of our requirements of providing zealous representation are met, you may decided to retain our legal counsel by signing a retainer agreement in which a set price is agreed upon. Once you have retained our services as your legal counsel, we will formulate prospective arguments for your case based on the unique facts you presented to us. This will give us many possible avenues to pursue in order to have your charges reduced and/or dropped in the long term.

Thus, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today regarding your disability placard forgery charges. We would be absolutely elated to assist you in your upcoming legal matter and are committed to providing zealous and ethical legal representation to you. By reaching out to our firm today, you can be one step closer to getting your upcoming legal matter taken care of and moving on towards your long term goals.

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