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Los Angeles Cyber Crime Lawyers

State and federal prosecutors are working overtime to convict people who are accused of committing cyber crimes. Technology has become more prevalent in everyone’s life in recent decades. This prevalence has led to an increasing number of crimes that are committed using the Internet. Such cyber crimes carry heavy consequences. People who are convicted of cyber crimes in Los Angeles may be looking at considerable jail time, sizable fines and enormous damage to their personal and professional reputations. Fortunately, an experienced California Internet crimes lawyer can help those accused of these offenses defend their good name.

What Is Los Angeles Cyber Crime?

A cyber crime is any offense that is committed against a network or computer. It is also any crime that is committed using a computer. Thus, someone who hacks into a company’s network and another person who distributed child pornography online may both be accused of a cyber crime. The serious nature of these offenses often draws the attention of the federal government. This is especially true when a government entity or large corporation was the victim of a cyber attack. Federal cyber crime charges can mean even more serious penalties.

If you’re being investigated for committing a cyber crime in California, then you need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. It’s vital to hire a competent, aggressive Los Angeles cyber crimes attorney as soon as possible. Even if your case is in the investigatory stage, it’s important to begin working with a defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will conduct an investigation that is independent of the one being conducted by police and prosecutors. Moreover, he’ll make certain he has access to all of the information and evidence that the prosecutors possess. In some instances, it’s possible to prevent charges from being filed or to get lesser charges filed. However, you have to hire a Los Angeles Internet crimes lawyer before you can begin to mitigate your circumstances.

Internet Sex Crimes in California

Some of the most serious cyber crime charges are those relating to sex offenses. When these offenses involve children, it’s safe to say that the potential consequences are particularly dire. Offenses like solicitation of a minor, luring of a minor and child pornography are pursued with vengeance by the prosecution.

Solicitation or luring of a minor may involve the act of reviewing message boards and using chat rooms with the apparent goal of meeting a minor in person or asking for inappropriate photographs. Any adult who is charged with trying to meet a minor in person for sexual purposes may be sentenced to one year in jail and a fine of $5,000. Actually meeting the minor could mean four years in prison and even heftier fines. Should the meeting take place across state lines, the charges become more complex. The defendant in such a case may be facing charges in both states where crimes occurred.

The penalties are no less serious when someone is accused of cyber crimes involving child pornography. Defendants may be sentenced to between one and 10 years. Additionally, they may have to pay fines of up to $100,000. Most defendants convicted of these online crimes are required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

Clearly, prosecutors take Internet sex crimes seriously. You may be able to avoid the most serious of these consequences or have the charges against you dropped if you act quickly. Enlist the services of an experienced Los Angeles cyber crimes attorney today.

Internet Fraud in California

An increasing number of people are being charged with Internet fraud in Los Angeles. That’s because a multitude of crimes fall under this umbrella. These include phishing, a technique by which individuals obtain passwords, user names or credit card numbers by impersonating a known and trusted person or entity, and spoofing, in which a false IP address is used to deceive recipients regarding the true identity of the sender with the goal of obtaining financial or other personal information. Other types of Internet fraud that are frequently charged in Los Angeles include identity theft, Internet auction fraud and Internet investment fraud. If you are being investigated for any of these crimes or have been charged with at least one of these offenses, then you need a capable Los Angeles cyber crimes defense attorney working for you.

Los Angeles Hacking Charges

Like Internet fraud, there are many different cyber crimes that fall under the hacking category. In fact, some fraud charges like phishing, spoofing and identity theft are also considered hacking crimes. However, hacking offenses can also be things like creating viruses or spreading them on networks and wire fraud. If you have been accused of hacking in California, then you need a reliable criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court.

Talk to a Capable Los Angeles Cyber Crimes Attorney

Whether charges have been filed against you or not, hiring an attorney to defend you is a wise idea. The sooner you bring in an attorney, the sooner you can resolve this regrettable situation. Prosecutors at both the state and federal levels are bringing Internet crime charges more frequently than ever before. Sometimes they behave in an overzealous manner that does not respect your Constitutional rights. Do not trust the government or its employees to give you fair treatment. Begin working with a qualified Los Angeles cyber crimes lawyer today.

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