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Los Angeles Criminal Threats Lawyers

Los Angeles Criminal Threats Lawyers

Everyone is allowed to exercise his or her “freedom of speech” rights, but there is no more freedom once the speech becomes threatening. You are facing some serious consequences if someone has charged you with committing the crime of criminal threats in Los Angeles. You will need a Los Angeles criminal attorney to fight for you and defend you in your case. The consequences are too devastating for you not to get protection for yourself. You could end up with heavy fines, jail time and a reputation that never seems to bounce back.

What Is a Criminal Threat?

A criminal threat is a statement from one person to another person that implies that he or she will inflict harm on the recipient of the threat. A criminal threat can be indirect or direct. The threat can be subtle or blatant. Furthermore, the person can give the criminal threat over the phone, in person or by electronic means such as an email, text message or IM. Examples of some criminal threats are:

An ex-boyfriend saying he is going to kill his ex-girlfriend in person
A text that tells someone to “watch their back”
A patron telling a cashier that he will “see him in the parking lot”

Criminal threats are complex crimes in that the prosecutor is stuck with a heavy burden. The prosecutor has to prove that the defendant intended to harm the person, or that the defendant meant for the message to be a threat. The prosecutor also must prove that the victim was overcome with fear and felt as if his or her life was in danger.

Penalties for Criminal Threats

The courts may classify criminal threats as misdemeanors or felonies. A misdemeanor offense yields a jail sentence of up to one year in prison. A felony conviction can land an offender in prison for up to four years. The authorities may enhance the penalty and add one year to the penalty if it finds that the offender had a weapon when he or she committed the offense.

Defenses for Criminal Threats

You have several options for defending your charge for criminal threats. First, you may argue that you did not intend the threat to be a serious one that would end up harming another person. Perhaps you were joking, and the other person took the commentary to heart. Secondly, you may argue that the victim was not legitimately afraid. Thirdly, you may argue that you did not speak or write the threat at all. The prosecutor carries the burden of proving that you did commit the offense. A judge is likely to dismiss your case if it has no substance to it.

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney can assess all the facts that pertain to the case and advise you on how you should handle yourself. Our attorneys have years of experience and tons of positive case outcomes. Our Los Angeles firm is the one you want to see if you are seeking a dismissal or acquittal. We strive to provide our clients with the freedom that they deserve. Bring your criminal threat citation to us and allow us to protect your rights and your reputation.

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