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Los Angeles Criminal Internet Copyright Infringement Lawyers

Los Angeles Criminal Internet Copyright Infringement Lawyers

Copyright law has undergone major reforms in recent years due to the increased presence of the Internet. The Internet has opened up Pandora’s Box when it comes to Copyright law because there has been an enormous debate as to whether or how one can theoretically protect their Copyrights that are online and arguably in the public domain. Copyright law is born in the United States when an individual makes a tangible medium of expression. This tangible medium of expression can be related to books, music, plays, movies, and artworks, along with many other different creative works. This Copyright is effective the moment the work or derivative work is finished rather than after the work or derivative work has been registered with the Library of Congress. Once the work has been in the public domain for a certain period of time, it still possesses a Copyright regardless if the Copyright has been officially registered. However, it is intelligent to register the Copyright with the Library of Congress to protect yourself in the event that a future Copyright infringement lawsuit may arise.

If you have been served with notice that you are being charged with Internet Copyright infringement, there are many law firms that can assist you. That being said, there are not many firms that are experts on the Internet component of Copyright because it is still a field that many attorneys from previous generations have little knowledge about. Our firm has a great deal of experience in handling cases that are relevant to Internet Copyright infringement. Thus, if you are wary of how to defend yourself in an action against you, we are absolutely able to lend a helping hand.

If you are trying to protect your work that is Copyrighted from infringement on the Internet, we also are able to assist you. Our attorneys are experts in the process of enforcing your Copyright and forcing the infringing party to take down their online content with the proper legal procedures. Additionally, we can assist you with any element of your prospective Copyright registration process.

Regardless of whether you have received a notice that you are being cited for Internet Copyright infringement or if you want to enforce your Copyright registration against an online infringer, we would be elated to assist you with your upcoming legal matter. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment so that we can outline our prospective legal service and hear the facts that are relevant to your individual case. Given that the facts to each case are unique, we can then make a determination if you have a case that is strong enough and also whether it fits within the scope of legal representation that we are able to provide at the current moment. Once the determination has been made that we are able to take your case, you may then decide to retain our firm for your upcoming legal matter. Thus, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be elated to assist you.

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