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Los Angeles Criminal Conspiracy Lawyers

A criminal conspiracy crime is a serious offense that usually involves another criminal offense. You will need the protection and assistance of a licensed and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to get out of the predicament. If you are convicted of the crime, you could end up serving time in jail as well as paying a large fine. Furthermore, you could end up with a poor reputation and difficulty getting your life back together in terms of getting a job, home or apartment. Your friends and family members may also shun you. The best thing you can do is consult with an attorney and see what he has to say.

What Is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is an agreement to perform a criminal act, hurtful act or wrongful act. A conspiracy requires a least two people to agree upon conducting such an act before the authorities can charge someone for it. Someone has accused you of agreeing to perform a wrongful act if you have received a citation for penal code 182 PC. An attorney can help you fight the charge.

Examples of Conspiracy

Conspiracy can occur in so many situations. One example of a conspiracy is two people calling each other on the phone to discuss going to someone’s job to beat that person up. Another example of a conspiracy is a discussion between two or more people to lie on another person in court. A third example of a conspiracy is four friends devising a plan to rob the local convenience store. The conversation between the parties during which they plan each other’s roles in the crime is a conspiracy. A conspiracy does not have to involve a serious criminal act to be a conspiracy.

Penalties for Conspiracy

The penalties for a conspiracy can vary greatly because the sentence depends on the other crime. For example, a murder conspiracy is going to have a much heavier penalty than a shoplifting conspiracy is going to have. An attorney can speak to you about the specifics of your case and let you know what kind of time you are looking at. You may be looking at spending six months in jail or 20 years. Only a professional has the expertise to estimate the penalty of a lost case. However, our attorneys anticipate winning.

How an Attorney Can Aid You

Your life is most likely a mess right now because you cannot stop thinking about the charges that your accuser has hit you with. The attorney can act as a counselor and a comforter. He or she will listen to your story in an unbiased fashion and assess the information objectively. The attorney will then give you an honest answer as to whether he or she can help you with your case. The efforts to obtain a dismissal or acquittal will begin the moment you give our attorney permission to defend you in your case. We have the numbers to show you that we mean business.

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You should call us because we are a long standing firm that has a history of setting our clients free. Our aggressive defense team will approach your accusers in a strategic manner, and they will have heavy ammunition when they do such. You should call us because we want to help you spare your reputation, family, friendships and stature. You can request a consultation by telephone call or short form. Just tell us a little bit about your situation, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. The worrying stops now.

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