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Los Angeles Contempt of Court Defense Lawyers

The penal code for contempt of court in California is 166 PC. The crime of which you have been accused involves openly disobeying the court’s jurisdiction in one way or another. You can perform contempt of court inside or outside of the actual courtroom. An attorney can read your citation and explain to you the specifics of the charges that the accuser has given you. You can then work with the attorney to build your defense strategy so that you do not end up in jail.

About Contempt of Court Charges

The term contempt describes a person’s hatred or disdain for something. The crime of contempt of court consists of actions that openly display a person’s hatred for the legal system. One example of contempt of court is not showing up for a court date. Another example of contempt of court is arguing with a judge about a matter. Contempt of court exists when a person does not follow the regulations that are in a court order, as well. All instances of contempt of court are equally incriminating.

About Aggravated Contempt of Court

Some instances of contempt of court can bring forth a stiffer sentence than some others can. One example is when the court order that the defendant disobeys is a a domestic violence order. Another situation that can count as aggravated contempt of court is a situation in which a defendant violates a restraining order or has firearms in his or her possession. The penalty for an aggravated contempt of court charge is greater than the penalty for a regular contempt of court charge is.

Penalties for Contempt of Court in Los Angeles

A contempt of court charge in Los Angeles can cause the defendant to spend up to six months in jail. The person may have to pay a fine of up to $1,000 as well. If the crime advances into the aggravated contempt of court realm, then the offender may have to spend up to one year in jail on a first offense. An offender who breaks a restraining order is subject to contempt of court charges as well as charges for breaking the restraining order. An attorney is the only person who can help with such a situation. The attorney can use a number of defenses and tactics.

Contempt of Court Defenses

The defense that the attorney uses depends on the circumstances surrounding the case. For example, a person who misses a court date can use the excuse that he or she did not receive notification. A person who violates a court order can use ignorance as a defense. The restraining order breaker can claim that the other party invited him or her, or that someone filed a false report. The accusers have to make their charges with sufficient evidence. You can get out of the charge if you can discredit your accuser.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Our attorneys can speak with you about your very unique case. They can advise you on various ways that you can proceed with your case. You can contact the firm by telephone or by short form to schedule a consultation with us. The attorney will bring you in for a consultation that may last 30-60 minutes. You and the attorney will have a better grasp on the case specifics, and the attorney can advise you as to whether your case looks promising for a dismissal, acquittal or something else. An attorney can help you get a lesser sentence even if you suffer the unfortunate incident of receiving a conviction. Call now to get started on building your defense.

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