Los Angeles Cocaine Possession Criminal Lawyers

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Throughout Los Angeles, cocaine laws are constantly enforced. The federal, start and local authorities are always looking for individuals who’re selling or using cocaine.

If you’ve been caught with a small amount of cocaine, the penalties can be extremely harsh. When facing allegations of selling or smuggling cocaine, you could be facing a major felony conviction, which has the potential to cripple your future.

Cocaine Sales and Possession

In California, drug crimes are taken seriously by authorities. The problem is that cocaine frequently leads to several other types of crimes. For example, cocaine commonly results in theft and violent crimes because it’s a very additive substance. In Los Angeles, possession of cocaine used to be classified as a felony.

Towards the end of 2014, possession of the substance was reclassified as a misdemeanor drug crime. There are several types of cocaine charges that a person could be facing. A very common crime is cocaine possession. Under the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act, cocaine is a Schedule 2 drug, which means it’s a very addictive substance.

The penalties for getting convicted of possessing cocaine can be quite severe. If you’re facing possession of cocaine in Los Angeles, you could spend up to a year in the county jail and face a fine of $1,000. You could also end up with community service, summary probation and a criminal record.

There is also a chance that you’ll have to attend a drug education program. These are charges that you could face for a misdemeanor cocaine possession. If you’re convicted of felony cocaine possession, the penalties are significantly harsher. If you have prior felonies on your record, a misdemeanor cocaine possession could be prosecuted as the felony.

The penalties for a conviction of this crime include a criminal record, community service and formal probation. You could even face three years in the California State Prison. The penalties for cocaine possession are quite harsh, but if you’re facing a charge of possession with intent to sell cocaine, the penalties are even worse.

You could be charged with this crime based on the amount of cocaine in your possession and how the substance is packaged. If you’re caught with common tools that are used to package and sell cocaine, these items can be used as evidence against you.

The potential penalties for possession of cocaine with intent to sell consist of a $20,000 fine, up to four years in prison, formal probation, felony criminal record and community service. There is also a chance that your property and cash will be seized. These are the major cocaine crimes that you might be facing in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Cocaine Lawyers

All types of cocaine charges call for proper representation. You deserve to be represented by a reputable, focused lawyer. We’ll work closely with you and fight for the possible outcome.

We recommend seeking legal representation for any situation. For some people, it might be the first time they’ve been arrested for a drug crime. We can help these individuals, and we can even help individuals who’ve previous drug convictions.

If you want to protect your interests, you need to take proactive steps. The first step should consist of contacting us and discussing your situation. We’ve helped a number of clients who were facing several types of cocaine charges.

We’ll assess your situation and discuss all of the possible options that we have at our disposal. A conviction for any type of cocaine charge can have catastrophic consequences for your future. You might find it nearly impossible to get a job and make enough income to support loved ones. To avoid a negative outcome, contact us today.