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Los Angeles Child Neglect (Failure to Provide Care) Lawyers

Los Angeles Child Neglect (Failure to Provide Care) Lawyers

According to the state, children are entitled to a certain level of care from parents or guardians. This encompasses some obvious things like food, clothing, and shelter as well as other mandatory things like going to school and receiving proper healthcare. A part of this is a duty to care for a child even when they are not in your immediate presence. This means that parents and guardians are held responsible for making sure that whoever is taking care of a child at any given moment is doing so in a legal manner. In essence, parents and guardians are charged with the responsibility of caring for children directly and/or making sure they are being properly cared for by others in accordance with state law.

When the State of California is alerted to a situation that suggests a child has not been provided with the necessary care then they step in to ensure the child is safe. The state’s involvement may be anything from a simple check to make sure the child is okay to taking full custody of the child and putting them in a place they determine to be safe. They may do anything from requiring a family to undergo therapy to physically taking the child away from home long-term. How the state intervenes depends on the specific circumstances and how much danger they feel the child is in. The worse the situation then the longer and more severe the intervention from the state will be.

When children are taken away because they are not receiving adequate care then parents or guardians are charged with child neglect. This means that the parents are accused of not taking proper care of a child and thus deserve some type of civil and/or criminal consequences as determined by a judge. These consequences may range from simple parenting classes to long-term jail time. Again, the consequences depend on the severity of the circumstances that lead to the state’s initial intervention.

When a family environment is deemed unsafe for a child then it is the primary responsibility of the state to help alleviate the unsafe circumstances, ensure the child is receiving adequate care, and reunify the family as quickly as possible. To ensure this happens in a timely manner, it is important for parents or guardians to have dedicated lawyers working on their side. Without a lawyer, it is easy for parents to become weighed down by the system and all the other players in the case. At **LAW FIRM NAME**, a lawyer who is experienced in both the civil and legal aftermath of a child neglect charge is ready to help parents in one of the most sensitive life situations.

A lawyer from **LAW FIRM NAME** can help with all aspects of a child neglect case, including but not limited to the following:
– Standing up for parents and guardians in court after a child has been removed from home
– Ensuring that a thorough investigation is performed and the resulting conclusions are logical
– Defend against both civil and criminal charges of child neglect to keep parents and guardians out of jail and help them reunify with their children
– Keep parents and guardians off the state child abuse and neglect registry

By working with a lawyer, parents and guardians can make sure they are treated fairly and their case moves along efficiently.

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