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Los Angeles Bribery of Judges or Jurors Lawyers

When a person presents currency or anything else of value to a judge, legal official, or juror with the intention of influencing the decisions of those officials in regard to a case, that person is committing the crime of Bribery. In such a case, both the person offering the bribe, as well as the judge, legal official, or juror receiving the bribe can be guilty of criminal Bribery. California Penal Code Section 92 PC is the law covering: Bribery of Judicial Officers and Jurors, whereas, California Penal Code Section 93 PC is the law dealing with Judges or Jurors committing Bribery.

“Corrupt Intent” applies when someone tries to achieve for themselves or someone else an advantage or favorable outcome that is unlawful. The financial favor could be the advantage, as in a situation whereby an attempt is made to bribe a judge to rule in favor of a plaintiff regarding a lawsuit, or an attempt is made to remove a threat of going to prison by bribing a juror to acquit a Defendant.

Example # 1: A man is charged with homicide and wants to avoid going to prison. In between the proceedings of the trial, the court recesses for a short break. During the break, the man charged, moves near one of the jurors and proposes to give him or her one million dollars if the juror votes the man is not guilty. If the juror should accept the proposal, the man and the juror, under California Penal Code Section 92 PC Bribery of a Judicial Officer would be guilty of Bribery.

Example # 2: Two people have a dispute and decide to resolve their case through a mediator or arbitrator. The arbitrator goes to one of the parties and offers a large sum of money in exchange for a favorable ruling on that party’s behalf. According to Bribery by a Judicial Officer statute, California Penal Code Section 93 PC, the arbitrator would be in violation.

Bribery crimes are not taken lightly, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As a felony charge, if found guilty, the penalties incurred for bribery can include large fines, prison sentences, and loss of position, particularly as a public official. A bribery record will have a negative impact on future prospects, especially regarding employment. If there are prior felony convictions, bribery can amount to a “third strike,” leading to a prison sentence of 25 years to life, without any possibility of parole.

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for bribery, as a dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense law firm, we strongly advise you to consult with us for help. Having a very strong and aggressive defense for bribery charges is paramount to winning the battle. According to Steve Raiser, a fellow Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, if you’re an elected official – accused of bribery, you will need your own private attorney – since this will be a accusation of fraud.

At our law firm you will discover a team of qualified experts with years of experience serving professionals in Los Angeles, and other surrounding areas of California. Because of our personal dedication to tackling the most critical defense cases, our attorneys are highly esteemed for their successes. You can depend on our law firm for a strong defense against bribery charges.

We understand the damage bribery accusations can cause, even when you have not been convicted. We are equipped to handle every aspect of your case with discretion. You can be confident that our law firm is committed to safeguarding your political future. Our attorneys are firmly knowledgeable, and understand that bribery charges are not simplistic matters.

Contact our firm to schedule an appointment for your confidential consultation to learn more about how we can provide protection for you and your career.

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