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Los Angeles Bribery of Country Supervisors and Public Corporations Lawyers

In the state of California, bribery of a county supervisor or a public corporation is a violation of Penal Code 165 pc, and it comes with severe consequences. Not only can bribing a county supervisor or public corporation ruin your reputation, but it can end up costing you your freedom. This is why a person who has been charged with violating Penal Code 165 pc, will need an experienced attorney that has the capacity to help you effectively negotiate the rugged terrain of defending yourself against the allegations.


Our law firm has a number of lawyers who have the experience and the resources to examine and investigate the facts of the case to look for discrepancies and mistakes made by the investigators for the prosecution.


For legal purposes, a bribe is defined as any instance in which a public official trades their vote or other forms of influence for money, or something else of value. When it comes to prosecuting bribery, a person can be charged for participation on either side of the spectrum — offering or receiving a bribe.


When it comes to Penal Code 165 pc, the violations that are targeted deal with bribes by or of a county supervisor, as well as other government officials. This particular penal code makes it a felony offense for anyone to offer or give a county supervisor, or for any supervisor to receive, or offer to agree to receive, anything of value associated with a corrupt intent, for the purpose of influencing the supervisor’s actions in any official capacity.


Others who are also affected by this code include:


  • Public corporation members
  • Board of supervisors members
  • County or city board of trustee members
  • Common council members


As with every criminal case, the burden of proof rests on the prosecutor and the state. In the process of attempting to prove their case, the prosecutor can use an array of evidence, which includes circumstantial and direct evidence. If you have been accused of bribery, it will be imperative to have an attorney represent you who has a lucid understanding of the bribery laws in the state of California. Here at our law firm, we are dedicated to providing you with the representation necessary to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process.


As your defense attorneys, we will use all of the resources at our disposal to challenge the idea of your guilt, including proving the lack of corrupt intent, arguing entrapment, introducing intoxication as a defense, suggesting coercion and more.


Most bribery cases will normally come down to which side is most believable to the jury, making an experienced attorney even more valuable to your cause — having the ability to effectively tell your story, while presenting you in a good light.


The penalties for bribery can be severe, with possible prison time, loss of office and the disqualification from ever holding office in the state in the future.


Fortunately, we can help you if you have been accused of offering or accepting a bribe. Simply contact our office to schedule an initial consultation to speak with one of our attorneys, so that we can go over the details of the case. If you cannot make into the office, we also offer over-the-phone consultations.


With so much on the line, you will want to make sure that you have an attorney that is capable of fighting for you, in order to ensure that you have the best possible defense.

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