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Los Angeles Bad Checks Fraud Lawyers

June 20, 2016 Uncategorized

Los Angeles Bad Checks Criminal Lawyers

Some consumers misjudge their bank account balances and make mistakes from time to time. They may write checks that end up bouncing, which means that the banking institution does not honor them. People refer to these types of checks as “bad” checks because they not bring forth payment. The customers may incur additional charges from the banking institutions and the recipients of the bad checks. In some cases, a consumer may incur criminal charges for writing bad checks. You may need to contact a Los Angeles criminal law attorney if someone has a accused you of writing bad checks in Los Angeles.

When Is Writing a Bad Check a Criminal Offense?

Some people do make mistakes, and they overdraft their accounts in error. However, a bank account holder is always supposed to keep track of his or her account balance to ensure that no checks bounce. A criminal act occurs when a customer knowingly writes a bad check with insufficient funds in the account. Putting an intentional “stop payment” on a check shortly after writing it to obtain goods or services in a fraudulent manner is a criminal act, as well. Writing a check on a closed bank account is a blatant criminal offense. Furthermore, forging a check or writing a fake check is an offense.

Bad Check Recovery and Civil Laws

A bad check situation can go to civil court and criminal court. The person who receives the bad check can sue you for up to three times the amount of the bad check, up to $1,500. You may then have to pay court costs and other fees on top of three times the amount of the bad check. Furthermore, you may still have to deal with criminal charges being put on you. Avoiding bad checks is the best option for you.

Criminal Penalties for Writing Bad Checks in Los Angeles

Many additional penalties come along with writing bad checks in Los Angeles. First, you may spend up to one year in jail if the value of the bad check is $200 or less. Larger checks may land you in jail for longer years. Furthermore, you may have to pay fines. A criminal record will greatly hinder your life, as well. You could end up with difficulty obtaining a job or an apartment. Your family and friends may look at you differently. The bank will most likely report your discrepancy and put it in the ChexSytems computer system, as well. You may not be able to obtain another bank account for many years.

How an Attorney Can Help

A criminal defense attorney at our firm can assist you in several ways. First, he or she will take some of the details of the case during a consultation. Next, the attorney will try to prove your innocence. The prosecution must prove that you intentionally wrote a bad check to get a criminal charge to stick. Therefore, our attorney will try his or her best to make sure that it does not adhere. The attorney can help you if you receive a conviction for some reason. The attorney can negotiate for lenience on your penalty. We would love to help you get through this difficult time.

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