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Los angeles Auto Insurance Fraud lawyers

Whether you were charged with soft or hard fraud against the insurance company, these are serious charges that could result in jail time and serious fines. Don’t assume because the insurance company has high-paid lawyers on their side that you can not fight the charges, the Los Angeles auto insurance fraud lawyers understand how to provide evidence that can prove your innocence.

Here are a few of the ways the Los Angeles auto insurance fraud lawyers will help to get you the most beneficial outcome in your fight against the insurance company;

Creating a False Invoice to Defraud
One of the leading claims made by insurance companies against drivers they think are committing auto insurance fraud is creating false invoices with the intent to defraud. The problem here is that most drivers have little to no idea what the costs to make repairs on their car could be. These drivers seek out estimates from local auto body shops in an effort to get compensated to make the repairs. The Los Angeles auto insurance fraud lawyers can show that the driver did in fact get several estimates from local shops to make the repairs.

Perhaps the driver provided the information to the shop owner over the phone, so without seeing the damage, the shop gave a ballpark on potential damages and the driver submitted the highest estimate unknowing it was extremely high compared to the work needed to be done.

Exaggerating the Damages to Your Vehicle
The insurance company may sue the driver for exaggerating damages to the vehicle if they suspect that the repairs needed are not in line with the damages incurred at the scene of the accident. The insurance company investigators may have photographs from the officer at the scene that shows minimal damage, but now the damage is severe and things needing to be fixed are not shown in the original pictures as being damaged. The Los Angeles auto insurance fraud lawyers can show the court that although the damage was not evident in the original picture, because the insurance company dragged their heels, the damage existing lead to further damage as the vehicle was driven.

The original pictures may not have been taken at the right angles or the additional damage was just out of frame. Your attorney can show the court that the damage that exists today is a direct result of the original damage.

Making False Medical Claims
The driver may have refused medical treatment after the accident, and the police report shows the driver felt fine and exhibited no signs of injury as a result of the accident. Now the driver is suing for medical injuries, so the insurance company is filing insurance fraud claims that the driver was not or is not today injured because of the accident. Your Los Angeles auto insurance fraud lawyer will show the court that several medical professionals have examined the driver, and adrenaline on the day of the accident shielded internal injuries from being felt.

Days or weeks after the accident, the symptoms began to appear as a direct result of the automobile accident. Your attorney will provide the court expert testimony from top physicians who can attest to the fact the injuries can only be the result of the impact of a car accident.

Staging the Automobile Accident
After the insurance company accident investigators report their findings, they may come to the conclusion the driver is trying to commit auto insurance fraud by staging the accident. The insurance company could come to the determination based on the two drivers being friends, the accident had no witnesses, or the details of the claim seem unrealistic.

Your attorney could show evidence you were set up as part of a insurance scam, and you did not have knowledge that the other driver or drivers were working together and planned the accident for the sake of defrauding the insurance company.

Don’t make the mistake of admitting guilt or trying to dispute the charges against you without legal representation. The consequences for being found guilty in extreme cases range from fines in excess of $100,000 and possibly up to 30 years in jail.

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