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Los Angeles Arranging a Meeting with a Minor for Lewd Purposes Lawyers

If you were enticed to meet with a minor under the false pretenses that you were going to have a date or social get together, but it was a setup by the police or no one showed, you want to hire a criminal lawyer right away. There are many special authority divisions that specialize in catching people that are targeting minors through the Internet, and you want to protect yourself and not make any statements to the police.


The Consultation

When you first consult with your lawyer you want to bring all the information that you have, so the lawyer can see what the police have. This would include the following:

  • Screen shots of chat room conversations
  • Email print outs
  • Phone message records
  • Video proof of webcam conversations
  • Detailed accounts of any illegal or lewd behavior


With this information the lawyer can see what the police are going to target you for. You also want to include the information of where you were supposed to meet the minor, and what your intentions were for the meeting. It’s important to share every detail so the lawyer can create the best defense.


The Defense

Your lawyer is going to work hard to show that you never actually had a physical interaction with the minor, and maybe that you were misled to believe how old the minor was. If they only stated their age the first time that you talked, which was weeks or longer in the past, the lawyer may claim that you were unaware or forgot that they were a minor.

If the minor was the one suggesting the lewd behavior or sexual implications, your lawyer may try to claim entrapment, and they will show that you never initiated the sexual conversations. The nature of your conversations and intent when you arranged the meeting in person will greatly affect your defense.


Possible Charges

There are many types of charges that you could be facing, depending on the things that you said to the minor and what you were planning before arriving to meet them. You could possibly get these listed charged:

  • Loss of Search and Seizure Rights
  • Jail or prison time
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Sexual Offender registration for a lifetime
  • Felony on your permanent record
  • Criminal conviction published in the paper

If you sent the minor videos or pictures of yourself, and also received videos and pictures in return, you could face other charges involving child pornography.

Your lawyer may try to work out a quick plea deal to settle the problem fast. This could include a no contact order with the minor if it wasn’t a setup, counseling, a restriction from certain public places and more. If you know that you are caught and you were interacting with a minor online, and you intended to meet up with them for lewd purposes, you want to meet with a lawyer before the police take you in, and before you don’t have a way to get your lawyer all the evidence needed for your defense.

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