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Los Angeles Animal Abuse Lawyers

One of the common types of animal abuse is neglect. This is when the owner does not pay attention to the dog and does not provide the basic care that is needed for the animal to survive. Neglect includes a lack of food and water as well as a lack of medical attention. The pet owner might not have the finances to care for the pet any longer, but instead of finding a home, the owner will let the animal stay outside with no care provided. Some owners don’t intend to neglect their pets, but there are some who intentionally make sure that the animal does not receive any kind of nutrition, which can lead to a loss of weight. These animals are often kept in crates or enclosed areas with fecal material inside the area. The animal is also typically in the direct sunlight with little to no shade.

Animal Hoarding
This is when animal owners keep several pets in one location. They could be inside the home or outdoors with little space to run around. Some have good intentions of finding homes for animals that reproduce, but there is often a time when the owner simply can no longer take care of the animals, letting them continue to have litters without the proper care. Some pet owners will intentionally keep numerous animals with the intention of breeding them to overpopulate the area.

Intended Abuse
When someone hits an animal and causes harm for pleasure or because the person sees nothing wrong with harming an animal, then it is considered intended abuse. The person is sometimes angry at another person, and instead of getting the help that is needed for the situation, the person will take the anger out on the animal. The animal could be hit so hard that bones are broken or organs are damaged. Death could occur if the abuse is severe. Organized abuse also falls into this category. This is what you might think about when you hear of dog fighting. Animals are raised to fight with each other, often resulting in harm to the animal.

Punishments For Animal Abuse
Animal abuse cases in Los Angeles are prosecuted swiftly and aggressively. Depending on the type of abuse, the pet owner could be required to pay a fine, go to jail, attend counseling sessions to determine why the abuse took place or surrender the animal. Some pet owners could be prohibited from owning pets in the future or for a set period of time.

How Can The Law Office Help
One who has been charged with animal abuse should seek the assistance of a Los Angeles animal abuse attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can look at the claim of abuse to determine if it was intentional or accidental, which could affect the punishment. At times, the attorney can try to get the charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, lowering fines that are owed or preventing the person from going to jail by getting the person placed on probation.

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