Los Angeles Aiding a Suicide Defense Lawyer

Posted By max soni, Uncategorized On June 21, 2016

If a person wants to commit suicide, then that is the person’s choice. You can try to help stop the person from committing the act, but aiding in the completion of the suicide is often considered a crime. If the person is incompetent, then the person is unable to make the decision to commit suicide. There are some doctors who offer assisted suicide through medications, but these methods are illegal in most states. There are a few common types of suicide that can be attempted, but if you help in the act, then you can be charged with aiding and abetting.

Drowning is a method that isn’t done as often as others. It usually involves walking into a body of water, such as an ocean, or jumping into a body of water with no attempt at getting back to the surface. The person could also try to drown in a bathtub.

Exsanguination is when you slit the wrist. It is often done in an upward fashion so that there is maximum blood loss. Death usually occurs because of extreme blood loss. If the cut is not deep enough, then there could be oxygen deprivation to the brain as blood continues to exit the body until help arrives. The lack of oxygen could result in limited muscle movements and changes in how you talk or provide basic care.

Another common method of suicide is jumping from a tall building or bridge. This will often result in succeeding in the suicide, but if the height is not sufficient to cause death or you land in a manner that doesn’t cause life-ending damage, then it could result in broken bones or a broken back that would leave you paralyzed.

Carbon monoxide is sometimes done if you want to simply go to sleep. It’s often done by sitting in a garage with a car running. The fumes from the running car will slowly begin to deprive the brain of oxygen, putting you to sleep. Poisoning is another option that sometimes leads to a peaceful ending. This is often the method that doctors will use as there are chemicals that can cause the body to shut down. Cyanide is a common poison that is used as well as bleach and diazepam. A gun shot is often the most successful method of suicide, and it’s sometimes the most common method of getting someone else involved. Sometimes, a person can die by an officer assisted suicide. This is when you would begin to approach an officer with a weapon or in an aggressive manner, and the officer would have no choice but to shoot you for his own protection.

If you are charged with aiding a suicide, the attorney would need to look at the wishes of the victim. An attorney would present the evidence about the suicide and whether you knew of the intentions or not before the act was committed. If you help someone get the materials that are used to commit suicide, then you could be charged. The attorney would be able to negotiate a sentence based on your prior criminal background and if there was a direct intent to help the person carry out the suicide plans.