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Los Angeles Aggravated Trespass Lawyers

The accusation of trespassing can be an innocent mistake and happen to an upstanding citizen that has no criminal record who happened to enter a property that they did not even realize was private property. Our attorneys understand that misunderstandings happen and they are ready to represent you in the event a similar circumstance happened to you.

Trespassing can be a chargeable offense of a misdemeanor while criminal trespass has a stronger consequence and is charged as a felony. It can be possible to get the charge reduced so that you are facing less severe criminal penalties. In any case, it is imperative to get knowledgeable representation to help defend you against a charge that could damage your career and your reputation.

Trespass Crimes
There are many offenses that could be considered criminal trespassing. The type of offense committed will help determine the factors of the criminal penalty that you will face if convicted. An infraction is the best outcome as a felony or misdemeanor will be a part of a permanent criminal record.

Our attorneys will help you decide on the best possible legal defense to use against the offense that is charged. It may be possible for our attorneys to prove that you did in fact have one of the following:
• Permission to be on the property
• There was no indication that you were not supposed to be on that property by a fence or sign
• No business or activity on the property was interfered with or obstructed
• You did have the right to be on that property

Our attorneys will thoroughly review your case and decide the best possible defense if your case goes to trial.

Criminal trespass offense can include the following:
• An individual drove a vehicle on private land
• An individual refused to the leave the property when the owner told them to leave
• An individual entered a building and did not obtain permission
• An individual defaced, damaged or destroyed any signs that were posted on the property
• An individual cut or took wood or timber on the property
• An individual went skiing on closed trails or property
• An individual either took or injured farm animal or shellfish from the property
• An individual refused screening at a courthouse or airport
• An individual removed dirt, stones or soil from the property without permission
• An individual entered the property with the intent to damage
• An individual entered the property with the intent to obstruct business activities conducted on the property
• An individual entered the property with a personal grudge against the owner of the property and the ensuing disturbance drove away customers

Our attorneys have extensive experience to help you with any of these circumstances and help you get a successful outcome.

Penalties for Trespassing
The penalty you would receive for a criminal trespassing charge depends on several factors and include whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor. The penalties can include the following:
• A misdemeanor trespass conviction can include a penalty of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1000
• An infraction does not end up on your criminal record but does have a fine of $75 for a first offense, a $250 fine for a second and a third offense will have the consequence of a misdemeanor charge
• A felony charge of aggravated trespass will include a penalty of up to three years in prison with the option of probation instead of prison time

Our attorneys have the experience to aggressively defend you against any trespassing charge. They will review the factors in the charges and find the best possible outcome for your case.

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