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Long Beach Criminal Lawyers

From driving under the influence and breaking and entering to fraud or sexual assault, if you’ve been criminally charged in Long Beach, you need great legal representation. If you’ve been arrested on serious charges, you need someone to represent you who has years of experience and a passion for the courtroom.

With 70 years of combined experienced, Farar & Lewis Attorneys are qualified to handle your case, regardless of the severity or charges involved. Farar & Lewis have extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles court system and the district attorney’s office.

Long Beach Criminal Lawyers: What to Look For

When you’re facing serious charges, you need a serious attorney. Farar & Lewis have a great team of attorneys on their side willing to at-bat for anyone that needs help. Because one of the lawyers on their team was a former district attorney, they bring a great deal of knowledge and relationships with government lawyers in Los Angeles that can positively affect the outcome of your criminal case.

References and experience are two important factors to consider when looking for a Long Beach criminal defense attorney. Ask the attorney for references from past clients, especially those involved in high priority criminal cases. A quick question regarding the attorney’s past involvement with cases similar to yours will also be beneficial in determining whether or not to use someone.

Ensure that you potential criminal defense attorney is licensed within the state of California. You can do this by contacting the state bar association or asking the attorney directly for any relevant information regarding his or status to practice law.

Relationships are Important- Farar & Lewis Can Help

Relationships with judges and attorneys within the Los Angeles county legal system can be very beneficial to your particular situation.

Besides 70 years of combined experience, Farar & Lewis have extensive relationships with a variety of figures in the Los Angeles county legal system. From judges to attorneys, with a former district attorney on staff, their relationships can positively affect the outcome of your case.

Your Future Could Be Adversly Affected: Hire Only The Best

Hiring an under-qualified attorney can have an adverse affect on your future. Even before your first court date, Farar & Lewis will pursue many options that can help significantly reduce your sentence, negotiate the terms of your release or even eliminate jail time altogether. Many attorneys who have little or no experience in Long Beach may find it more difficult to persuade the outcome of your criminal case because they haven’t developed the necessary relationships to do so.

Because the future of your life is at risk, hiring the best attorney is your only option. Many of the cases handled by Farar & Lewis have been handled prior to the individual’s court date, saving clients both time and money.

Farar & Lewis have helped many citizens of the city of Long Beach with their criminal cases. Their attorneys are some of the best in southern California. If you’ve recently been arrested, hire the best Long Beach criminal lawyers to handle your case effectively.

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