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Lancaster Criminal Lawyers

Did you know that the police and the court system can charge you with a crime, even if the lawyers in charge of the case had little evidence? While you might think this is something that only happens on television shows and in movies, it happens every day in America. Something as simple as wearing the same clothes as someone who robbed a convenience store and being in the same area can make you a suspect. If you don’t have an alibi for the time the crime occurred, you might find yourself in hot water. Thanks to Farar & Lewis, you can escape your criminal charges in Lancaster.

Drug Charges

Lancaster has some stiff penalties in place for those convicted of drug crimes. Even if you’re in a car with someone else who has drugs on his or her person, you might find yourself dealing with a possession charge. Lancaster police officers can also charge with paraphernalia for carrying a certain type of cigarette lighter, wearing a shirt with a drug reference on it or purchasing something used for drug manufacturing or use. Most minor drug crimes carry penalties of a few days in jail, substance abuse treatment or education and a fine, but depending on your charge, you may face prison time as well.

Assault & Battery Charges

While you might think that you have the right to defend yourself, the law views things differently. Even if someone attacks you first, you may still find yourself facing assault and battery charges, especially if you have more training or are stronger than the other individual. Many former military men and women find themselves in a difficult position every day because of these charges. They know that they have the right to defend themselves, but they also know what might happen if they fight back.

Internet Crimes

You rarely heard anything about Internet crimes just a few short years ago, but as more people reached for their computers and smartphones, the need for Internet crime laws spread across the country. Using the Internet to talk negatively about another person can leave you facing harassment charges, which can land you in prison for several years. Many Lancaster residents also find themselves facing charges relating to movies, television shows and music that they downloaded on their home or work computers.

Sex Crimes

If you think that sex crimes only apply to rape and sexual assault, think again. Depending on your age and the age of your partner, the law can charge you with statutory rape. Gross sexual misconduct is another charge that you might face. If you had sexual intercourse or another type of sexual act with someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the law can also charge you with rape. Many of these charges can put you on the sexual offender registration, and you’ll need to register every year for 15 years or for the rest of your life. When you’re innocent of a sexual crime, call us for help.

Misdemeanors and Other Charges

Not all crimes committed in the Lancaster area are felony crimes, but even if you find yourself facing a misdemeanor charge, you still want to get some help. Misdemeanor charges can include driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, damage to personal property or theft below a certain dollar amount. A misdemeanor charge can remain on your record for years and make it difficult to obtain a loan or find a new job. The sooner that you contact an attorney for help, the sooner you can move forward with your life without a criminal charge hanging over your head.

Lancaster residents face criminal charges every hour of the day and every day of the week. Once the police arrest you for a crime, you might find yourself sitting in jail and waiting for bail for days or even weeks. Here at Farar & Lewis, we know that time is money and that you need to get back to your life. Whether the cops come knocking on your door, or the police arrest you in the middle of your workday, you need to know that help is out there. Contact us to get your life back.

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