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La Puente Criminal Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers from our firm are there to help clients fight against various criminal allegations in the La Puente area. Our staff is available for anyone who lives in and around La Puente, with our lawyers willing to travel further for serious felony cases.

Here are some of the consequences of having a criminal conviction on your record:

  • Serious jail time.
  • An enormous dent to your reputation. Many employers do not hire convicted felons.
  • Huge expenses, such as court fees, fines, and loss of income.
  • A permanent record that can never be altered.

If there has been a situation where you find yourself arrested in relation to a possible felony or misdemeanor, it is time to call a lawyer. Our criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the justice system in La Puerte. We know how the police works, how prosecutors go after suspected criminals, and how convictions are handed out. Our knowledge and experience could be invaluable in your defense.

In the past, our lawyers have handled cases ranging from sex offenses to financial crimes. WE have also defended clients who were accused of selling drugs, driving while intoxicated, and embezzlement. More serious charges such as felony murder, attempted murder, or manslaughter are also under our purview.

We have assembled the best team of lawyers in the La Puerte area. We are here to provide expert legal advice to our clients. This is the type of counsel that only a highly skilled attorney may provide. By successfully representing our clients in a variety of cases, and achieving many not guilty verdicts, we have already proven our ability.

Here are some examples of cases that we have successfully defended:

  • Crimes related to private or public property, such as burglary, b&e, grand larceny and arson.
  • Crimes of a violent nature, including robbery, domestic violence, attempted murder, manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon.
  • White collar crimes, including obtaining property through fraud, embezzlement, ponzi schemes, and online fraud.
  • Crimes of a sexual nature, including rape, indecent assault, attempted rape, and statutory rape.
  • Drug related offenses, including the possession, manufacturing or sale of class A, B and C illegal substances.
  • Charges relating to driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. These cases include hit and runs, speeding, and general DUI/DWI incidents.

No matter what type of attorney you are looking for, our firm is the answer. In La Puerte, there is no better firm to handle your legal needs. You may need a lawyer to get you off on a drug possession case, a case involving indecent assault, or a case involving financial fraud.

The Client Comes First

Our firm’s motto is that the client comes first. We are here to serve anyone who seeks an attorney to defend them on a criminal matter. From the moment we first make contact, our lawyers will do everything to defend your rights.

The process usually begins by bailing a defendant out of jail. From here, clients are taken to our offices, where we attempt to go over the details of the situation. Our lawyers will sit down, listen to your version of events, and attempt to come up with a solid defense. By highlighting the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, our attorneys begin the process of getting a complete acquittal.

In some cases, reaching a plea agreement with the prosecution may be more feasible. However, our attorneys will not do anything against your wishes. If you choose to proceed with the defense, our lawyers will respect your decision.

By fighting till the very end to protect your rights, our criminal lawyers in La Puerte will do everything to ensure you are not convicted of a serious crime. If you have been arrested in connection with a crime, or you believe an arrest is imminent, contact our firm for immediate assistance.

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