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La Habra Heights Criminal Lawyers

It’s a giant pressure to be arrested for a crime. While you’re innocent until you’ve been proven guilty in a court of law, you will be left by yourself to take care of your legal defense, any paperwork and every other formality unless you hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

This means that the largest pressure doesn’t come until after you’ve actually been charged.

The problem with representing yourself is that there are countless formalities that the courts require. They need paperwork with every detail accurate and marked as they should be. One small mistake could spell misfortune for your case, especially because you may be going against one of the best prosecutors in the La Habra Heights area.

Considering that your life and your freedom may be on the line, it’s better to invest a little in using someone from our law firm to represent you. You’ll rest well in knowing that your case is being handled by the experienced hands of Farar & Lewis LLP.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Our law firm is one of the premier criminal defense law firms located in Los Angeles. Our team of attorneys not only has a combined total of 30 years under their belt.

That means we have not only the experience required to deal with criminal cases, but we also know how to handle and to negotiate with the prosecution. We’re able to defend your rights, and we can ensure that you acquire proper representation starting before your first court date.

When we work for you, our firm first pursues dropping every charge that you’ve been charged with. We leverage the experience of a former district attorney and the relationships he has with judges and prosecutors to ensure that you can have a sharp and strong defense that can put up a fair fight against the prosecution.

What Types of Crimes Can We Help You With?

While our firm is capable of helping you with any criminal defense that you might need, it’s important to understand some of the more common situations where we represent our clients.

We’re able to help with DUI and DMV hearings, drug crimes, felonies, violent crimes, parole and probation violations, sex crimes, theft crimes and juvenile crimes. We rigorously inspect every procedure that occurred from your arrest to the actual proceedings in court to ensure that everything is correct.

You can use our defense with every charge that you might encounter in La Habra Heights. Things like the police improperly following procedures, a violation of your constitutional rights, or even the inability to understand the situation that led to you breaking the law unintentionally can result in your charges being dropped completely.

Our firm then proceeds to work to build a strong defense for you. Imagine that you were forced to commit a crime because your life or the life of a loved one was threatened. The only way you’ll be able to get your defense out there is by taking advantage of our seasoned and professional legal knowledge, which means that we offer you the best odds that you will find the defense you need to prevent yourself from facing huge fines and many years in prison.

What Makes Farar & Lewis LLP Right For You?

As we stated earlier, our legal team is meticulous in going over every detail of your case. We will inspect the procedures that the police used and find every flaw in the prosecution’s argument while building an iron-clad defense if you have to stand trial.

Our team even conducts our own investigation of your crime, which further allows us to build the strongest case possible for you. Our goal is to prove your innocence to the largest degree possible, which is what we believe that the goal of every criminal defense attorney serving the La Habra Heights area should be.

The biggest reason that you should let our law firm handle your case concerns your freedom. Our team is relentless in ensuring that you have every legal right entitled to you with accordance to the United States constitution. We work to give you the representation that you rightfully deserve.

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