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La Cañada Flintridge Criminal Lawyers

LaCañada-Flintridge. Our home in the foothills, just 14 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Close enough to the city to be convenient, yet far enough away to provide a comfortable suburban life for our children. We love it here. But even here, the unthinkable happens. And when it does, you need the best lawyers in the business, Farar & Lewis.

It may happen when you least expect it. You may be on the way to pick up your kids from school, heading to the grocery store or just driving home from work. You may be doing the speed limit, keeping up with the flow of traffic on the 210. Or you may be in stop-and-go traffic on Foothill Boulevard, or navigating the switchbacks on Highway 2. Next thing you know, the flashing blue and red lights of a police car appear in your rear view mirror. Uh-oh.

You pull over to the side of the road and come to a stop. The officer asks to see your license, registration and insurance. “Have you been drinking today?” So maybe you had a couple of beers or a glass of wine. So what? Before you know it, the officer is conducting field sobriety tests. You’ve never been through this before, but you’ve seen it on TV. You just can’t believe it’s happening to you.

Or it can be even more frightening. It could be that, on the freeway, another vehicle makes a sudden lane change and you can’t stop in time to avoid it. Perhaps a light drizzle left a slippery, wet film on the road that causes cars to start skidding and pinballing into each other. Or, the stuff of nightmares, you’re doing 30 miles per hour on a local street when a pedestrian suddenly darts out in front of your vehicle.

Ambulances come onto the scene. People are loaded onto stretchers and taken away. Maybe you’re one of them. Perhaps your injuries are severe, requiring surgery that puts you out of work for months. Or perhaps another driver or a pedestrian is killed.

You may not even remember exactly what happened. But what you do know is that you’ve been arrested, your car has been impounded and your driver’s license has been suspended. You could face criminal charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. If another person was injured, this could be a felony; should they die, you could be fighting a vehicular manslaughter charge that carries many years in prison, even a life sentence.

Even if you’re not injured, being arrested presents a whole host of problems. For one thing, few employers excuse employees from work because they’re stuck in jail. So you could easily lose your job and your means of supporting yourself and your family. You could end up losing your home, leaving your family with nowhere to go.

And what will happen if you’re convicted? Even after you’ve served your sentence, your criminal record will follow you around for the rest of your life. It may be difficult for you to find a job, get a loan or lease an apartment.

The answer is clear: To avoid disaster that can destroy your life, you need an excellent, experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. Whether you’re charged with DUI or were involved in an injury accident, you need to call the experts at Farar & Lewis immediately. 800-615-6195.

With a combined total of more than 70 years of criminal defense experience, the attorneys at Farar & Lewis know the system, the district attorneys and the judges. In fact, attorney Steve Sitkoff worked for years as a district attorney, prosecuting cases in the criminal courts all over the Los Angeles area. He knows exactly how the DA’s office operates, including the details of the approaches and tactics they take. If the district attorney decides to take your case to trial, you need a lawyer who is an expert in evidence and testimony. Let Farar and Lewis be your legal champion, committed to ensuring that your rights are protected.

Farar & Lewis has defended many clients in LaCañada-Flintridge and is thoroughly familiar with the issues that will affect your case, from local road hazards to local police department procedures. Their many awards and their winning record in court speaks for itself.

Let the attorneys of Farar & Lewis fight for you.

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