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Is it Possible to Have a Los Angeles DUI Case dismissed? (Part One)

Many people fall into the temptation of thinking that their DUI cases can be dismissed in a Los Angeles court of law without any prior knowledge. For you to have your Los Angeles DUI case dismissed there are many things you must put into consideration. You also need to understand the court process that can make your case proceed to trial or not. This is a matter of the experienced legal representation to locate the possible outcomes of your case. Moreover, you also need to know that all cases are not the same. Your case can be unique from other cases. In the first place, let us explain to you how a case proceeds to the criminal court to gain more understanding.

When you are arrested for suspicion that you are driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, it is a mere suspicion that does not convict you in any way. The only implication it has for you is for the suspicion of the police officer who was tempted to believe that you were driving under the influence of alcohol at the time they pulled you over. It is against the law to drive your vehicle while you are intoxicated as it may lead to endangering yourself and the lives of others both inside and out of your vehicle. The officer will pull you over based on his observations that might be wrong because human beings make an error. They can also base their observations including your inability to follow a direction, slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, and any other test that might show that you are under the influence of alcohol.

The actions done to you while you are pulled over do not mean that you are convicted or facing any charges. Moreover, they don’t also mean that you are 100 percent guilty of committing the DUI charges. If they conduct the alcohol test on you, it does not also mean that you are convicted of the crime that you never committed in the first place. The only implication or meaning this action has is that the driver watched your motions to imply that you might have committed a crime of driving while under the intoxication of alcohol or drugs.

The officer will forward your report to a prosecutor who will evaluate the possibilities of proceeding with the case to a court of law. The prosecutor’s office reviews each case. They will also read the facts stated in the report published by the police officer. They will proceed to run a brief analysis with their legal knowledge and experience in this field of law. If your case seems like one that can proceed to trial in a court of justice, then the experienced legal representation in Los Angeles will work to offer you enough legal representation. They will also tell you the chances of getting prosecuted based on your unique situation.

Let us take the example below so that we can understand this action.

Example 1: David went to a friend’s birthday party where he drank a few beers to celebrate the memorable day ahead of the summer. When he finished drinking, he believed he was not drunk enough to avoid driving the car. Therefore, he proceeds to start the engine for a ride home. On his way, he forgot to turn on his headlights. The police noticed that with his vehicle and proceeded to pull him over. The police commenced an interrogation session with David. They asked him if he was from a drinking session and he agreed to that. He told them that he took a few beers that did not impair him to drive his car home. The officers obtained the reason to convict him because he agreed that he was drinking. They commenced with a field sobriety test to determine the alcohol level of his blood. The reading came at 0.12 percent alcohol content in his blood. In this case, the prosecutors will not hesitate to file charges against David. This is because they have enough evidence to incriminate David. The police officers also pulled him over with enough reasonable doubt that he was drunk while driving in Los Angeles.

If you or your loved one is arrested for a DUI case in Los Angeles, ensure you contact the Los Angeles DUI attorneys for immediate representation. Cases concerning driving while intoxicated require a legal representative to help you.

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