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Inglewood Criminal Lawyers

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and if you’ve been arrested or are about to be indicted for criminal activity, you’ll want the law firm of Farar and Lewis at your side throughout the process and in the courtroom.

With over seventy years of combined experience in the firm, including a former district attorney with over thirty years of experience prosecuting criminal cases in Los Angeles, we understand all aspects of the criminal process, whether you are being accused of violating a local, state, or Federal statute.

What To Look for in a Criminal Defense Firm

If you are facing criminal charges, it’s important to consult a specialized criminal defense law firm to have the charges explained to you and describe your options going forward.

An attorney who dedicates his practice to criminal law is more likely to have defended cases similar to yours, and have relationships with prosecutors that can result in often obtaining concessions other attorneys cannot.

Understand the differences between a public defender, who may be charged with handling one hundred cases or more simultaneously and the advantage of having an attorney and firm dedicated to your defense.

Prioritize what qualities are important in your situation. Experience? Track record? Courtroom presence?

Check the firm’s ratings with the various services available.

Make yourself aware of the total costs of representation.

Types of Criminal Defense Available at Farar and Lewis

At the firm, we have experience defending individuals from Inglewood charged with crimes in the following areas:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Burglary and Robbery
  • Child Pornography
  • Conspiracy
  • Counterfeit Substances
  • Federal Crime
  • Felonies
  • Internet Crime
  • Misdemeanors
  • Petty Larceny
  • Sex Crimes

At Farar and Wilson, we know that no matter what type of crime you have been charged with, your primary interest is finding a way out of your situation and we have the experience to explore all potential options with you.

Our job is to defend you against the charges and return you to the life you had prior to being charged with a crime. If your case goes to court, we’ll be there to represent you and work towards the best possible outcome available.

Regardless of what stage in the process you are at, whether you have only been questioned, detained, or whether you have been charged, it’s never too early to begin your relationship with competent, skilled legal counsel.

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Top legal rating organizations like AVVO, Martindale, and rate our firm as the ‘best of the best.’ We’re proud of those ratings and work hard to maintain them, by treating every client as if they are the most important client the firm has ever served. Clients happily provide us with testimonials which we pass along on our website.

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