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How to Avoid a DUI Arrest?

The top way to avoid a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest is to never drive after drinking. Even a single mild drink could be enough to cause problems. Inaccurate tests or overly aggressive police officers could turn a single drink into an arrest. There are several ways to potentially avoid a DUI arrest.

Keep Your Car Maintained and Follow All Traffic Laws

A good way to avoid a DUI arrest is keep your car properly maintained. You should also follow all traffic laws even on empty roads at night. An officer will need a reason to pull your car over. If your car is maintained properly with current inspection stickers, then this removes a few common reasons for a traffic stop. Additionally, officers will have even less reason to pull you over initially if you are strictly following all of the traffic laws. This allows you to avoid any incidents completely.

Remain Polite

If police do pull your car over, then remember to remain polite even while protecting your personal rights. The last thing you want to do is to act adversarial or belligerent. Aggressive or belligerent behaviors will make it far more likely that the police will take some type of action against you. Remain polite and cooperative although do not reveal too much information. A small amount of politeness can actually lead officers to let you go on your way without making an arrest.

Stay Quiet

Police who stop you on the road and who suspect that you have been drinking are going to start asking you many different questions. A large percentage of these questions will be designed to get you to incriminate yourself. This is why it is very important that you stay quiet. Do not admit to drinking or anything else. You can decline to answer questions. Alternately, answer questions very basically without giving out any unnecessary details. Remaining silent is a very effective way to avoid a DUI arrest. It will also help with your defense later if an arrest is eventually made anyway.

Decline Field Sobriety Tests If Possible

Field sobriety tests are voluntary in many jurisdictions. This is not true of breath or chemical tests, however. You should politely decline to take any field sobriety tests. One of the main reasons is that the results of the test can be interpreted in a number of ways. Even a person who has not been drinking could be seen as failing the sobriety test by certain officers. There are few situations where these tests are helpful in any way to the driver. Just tell the police that you decline to take the coordination or field sobriety test.

Call a Lawyer Right Away

You want to keep the phone number for an experienced DUI attorney on hand at all times. If you are pulled over or an arrest seems imminent, then call the lawyer right away for advice and help. Calling an attorney during a stop could provide you with valuable legal advice that will let you avoid the arrest completely. Calling a layer is always a good option when the police stop you for suspected DUI.

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