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Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

How Important is it for my Los Angeles DUI Attorney to Know the Court my Case is in?

Sometimes you may find yourself arrested in Los Angeles. If that happens that best thing to do is to retain a Los Angeles DUI attorney to assist you in the case. Experience is vital for a solicitor. It is because an experienced lawyer will get all the facts concerning your case. When they have all the facts, then defending you in the court of law becomes easier. Also it necessary for you to give the lawyer every detail concerning your case. It will make it easier for them to defend you in the court of law.


The first thing that you are supposed to know is that once you face an arrest, you are innocent until the court proves you otherwise. The arrest is because you are suspect of driving under the influence. The attorney will react swiftly once the location of the court is clear. The attorney will access quickly and defend you in the court. The number one requirement of the Los Angeles DUI is to demonstrate that there is not enough evidence to bring a case against you. That is it is the earlier the solicitor reaches to the court the better. Once they react quickly, the higher the chances of you winning the case. Once the attorney gets to the court, you can go ahead to contact the arresting police and speak with them about the evidence placed against you.


Knowing the case will also assist the attorney to stand on the court on your behalf. Apparently, you will not be on the court all the time. You may require the DUI lawyer to appear in the court for the DUI misdemeanor cases. It may not be possible if the location of the court is not apparent. It will also save you, save time, and also you will avoid the trouble of having to take off work for you to make court appearances.


Some prosecutors are always harsh to the accused. They fail to observe the fundamental rights of the defendant. An experienced will always be there to defend you and ensure that as a human, there are rights for you. Ensure that the hire an attorney who that fight vigorously for you. The one who should go above beyond from the very first time you engage them. For the representation to be valid, the DUI attorney must know the location of the court. Thus it is vital for a solicitor to know where there the court proceeding will be held.


Time is another crucial element for solicitors. The attorney must be in the court within the required time. When charged with a DUI case, the arrest is because you were found drunk while driving. People submit samples to the court of law. The sample is the evidence that you are intoxicated while driving. Sometimes people are not sufficiently drunk, but some officers may decide to arrest them on smelling alcohol. They go ahead to stop them.


Such cases need an attorney who can adequately defend you. Therefore the attorney hired has no option other than observing time so that you can be defended on minor allegations. Once the lawyers understand where the court is, it will be easier to keep time and arrive at the court as required. Time is also important for your lawyer since an attorney needs to create time with you for consultations. An attorney face to face discussions with the client is important.


Furthermore knowing where the court is, the solicitor will be able to choose the best means of transport. The distance of the court from your attorney matters a lot. An appropriate means of transport will enable the attorney to get to the tribunal on appropriately. If for example you are charged with DUI charges and the court suspend your driving privileges ensure that you are not the one carrying the lawyer to the court. It will save you from further trouble. The DMV suspends the driving privilege if at all the high alcoholic elements were found in your blood. Your Lawyer must demonstrate a high level of competence to ensure that you win the case. The BAC level might be high but must make a competent submission to save from punishment.

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