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How Do You Know If You’ve Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

January 31, 2019 Personal Injury

Ever been arrested and somehow you cannot tell in which category does that crime belong? Most people are often confused about whether the crime they suspected of committing is a federal crime or not. Before we look into what makes one know if he is charged with a federal crime, let us first understand what federal crime is. federal crimes are those actions that illegalized by federal law and prosecuted in the courts of the federation. For example, kidnapping is a federal crime, and its trial can only be made through federation law courts. How can one tell if is involved in federal crime? Below are a few tips and factors that can help tell your status.


Arrested by federal agents


Usually, arrests are made by local police. Anytime you see that agents of the federal government have arrested you, it is clear that you are facing federal criminal charges. This is because these federal agents only are involved in matters of interest to the federal government. These agents include the FB, secret service among other federal watchdogs of the law. Anytime time you see someone being physically brought to custody by the FBI, be sure he or she is charged with a federal crime.


federal law courts.


This may sound obvious, but it is another vital sign that someone has been charged with a federal crime. These federal courts are only for trials and interpretation of matters regarding the federal laws. In case you find yourself or someone you know being arraigned in the federal courts, you can conclude that charges are those of a federal crime. This is because, in federal law courts, the application federal of federal laws is paramount. So if presented in a federal court, you are charged with a federal crime.


federal Prosecutors.


This is another way of telling whether you are charged with a federal crime. If you or your attorney receives courts summons from federal prosecutors, it is evident that you have been charged of a federal crime. These court summonses from the prosecutor are often the charge sheets with your details, details of the crime you are being accused of, the complaints and court procedures. It is also good to note that these summonses are a gesture of respect because the alternative is you being arrested by the FBI. Every time you receive a court summons by a federal prosecutor, there you go, it is a federal charge.


Nature of the crime


Here, it can be slightly tricky and hard to tell. It is not as obvious as the other signs, but it is the most important sign since it directly involves you and it is within your knowledge. There are crimes that if you find yourself in, probably you will be charged with a federal crime. These types of crime include but not limited to, terrorism, kidnapping, sexual offences, drugs, bank theft, immigration offences, planned crime, special metal, minerals gem theft crimes, counterintelligence, civil and human rights violations, cyber and technological crimes, white –collar crimes, attempt or assassination of the president or the deputy president and finally Indiana county crime. If you are involved in any crime in the list above, there is a high likely hood that you will be charged with a federal crime.


Not charged


Sometimes we are encountered by federal agents tracking us down to our homes. Taking times to interrogate us on some issues. Under such circumstances, it is important to know that you are not charged. It is just a normal legal procedure they follow in a certain matter of interest. Mostly is always an investigation that in one way or another you are involved either as target/victim, subject or a crucial witness of a crime.


FBI may also come to your home with search warranties to search your premises in search of proof and leads to some crime. Even at this moment you are still not charged until something incriminating is found against you. At this point, if you have an attorney, his services are essential. He will guide you on how to answer questions and also inquire on your behalf if charges are made or when, if any, they are going to be made. An attorney at this stage is a very vital asset.


Finally, it is also important that many types of federal delinquencies are also illegal at the state’s level, but it is true to say that only specific illegal activity that happens on federal property or American reserves are considered illegal at federal level. Most federal crimes have a limitation statute meaning that the suspect cannot be prosecuted after three years are over unless the crime is punishable by death, or it is a sexual crime or crimes of terror. By considering the above points, you can tell when you are charged with federal charges.



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