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Hidden Hills Criminal Lawyers

One of the main things that will determine the outcome of any criminal case is the legal representation you have. Farar and Lewis is a firm full of experienced lawyers who know Hidden Hills and the surrounding area. They are different from other law firms. There are a few reasons why the firm of Farar and Lewis is the best choice when you need a criminal defense attorney in Hidden Hills.

Protect Your Rights After Charges Are Filed

You have many rights even after being charged with a criminal offense in Hidden Hills. Not everyone you encounter will respect and honor your rights. You need to call Farar and Lewis because the attorneys at the firm are dedicated to protecting your rights after criminal charges are filed. The knowledgeable lawyers can help to make certain that no one on the criminal justice system is treating you unfairly. They can work to keep your rights intact at all times. The attorneys will review everything that happened around the event from the initial police contact to all the events afterwards. You can be confident that the attorneys will work tirelessly to preserve your rights and to stop prosecutors from taking advantage of the situation.

Get the Best Representation Possible

If you want the best representation possible after criminal charges are filed, then you need to contact Farar and Lewis as soon as possible. Not all lawyers in Hidden Hills are the same. Some have very little experience with criminal law. Others are not good litigators or negotiators. Having one of these lawyers might mean you receive a substandard defense that could lead to increased jail time or other penalties. You will always get the best representation possible when calling Farar and Lewis. Your attorney will have extensive knowledge of criminal law and experience litigating cases in the courts. The lawyer will do everything possible to get charges dropped or reduced before going to trial. Your attorney will collect evidence, bring in experts and argue real legal points that can all start to prove your innocence. Farar and Lewis can help you present a solid defense.

Experience Defending Clients from Hidden Hills

Every part of the county and state is different. This is true when it comes to the law and certain aspects that could affect your case. You want to contact the criminal defense lawyers at Farar and Lewis because they have experience working with clients from Hidden Hills. The firm has a combined 70 years of experience with the law and courts in the area. They know the subtleties of what happens in Hidden Hills and the larger county. They know the people who are likely to prosecute or preside over your case. One of the members of the firm has extensive knowledge because he was a district attorney. You should call Farar and Lewis because you need to take advantage of this experience.

Exceptional Peer and Client Ratings

Many different things can distinguish one lawyer or law firm from all others. A few different rating systems have emerged that can help you to see what others think of a particular firm. Farar and Lewis have exceptional client ratings. They maintain a perfect score with one of the most popular attorney rating agencies. This means that past clients have consistently been happy with the performance and results the firm provides. Additionally, Farar and Lewis have great peer ratings. These are ratings from other attorneys and law firms. These ratings show that Farar and Lewis are the best option for a criminal defense in Hidden Hills because peers and clients both agree about the high quality of the firm.

Free Case Evaluations Are Given

Some lawyers might not be able to handle your case because of the specific criminal charges. Other lawyers might charge you a fee just to talk preliminarily about whether or not to accept your case. A reason to contact Farar and Lewis first is that free case evaluations are available. The attorneys at the firm will listen to your situation and assess your case at no charge. This is invaluable since you do not waste time or money with an attorney who will just decline to represent you later. Farar and Lewis should be your first call when accused of a crime in Hidden Hills.

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