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are glass bongs illegal to carry with you? or can you get arrested

With all the new legislation about marijuana hitting many of today’s largest states, it’s natural to wonder the dos and don’ts of smoking. Responsible smokers are citizens just like anyone else and they want to follow the law even while engaging in behavior that is still illegal in some places. If you carry glass bongs with you when you travel, here’s a short primer on the do’s and don’ts.

What are glass bongs?

A bong in general is an apparatus that people use to smoke herbal mixtures. You can use a bong to smoke a legal substance like tobacco or a tobacco mixture or you can use a bong to smoke something illegal in some states: Marijuana. It’s common sense that a glass bong is a bong made out of glass. People prefer the glass body for many reasons. First of all, the glass is incredibly durable and reliable time and time again. Glass bongs are sometimes easier to clean than other types of bongs. It’s natural for some people to gravitate toward them when smoking mixtures. The question is, can you carry one with you without falling on the wrong side of the law?

Are Glass Bongs Illegal To Carry With You?

This question is answered by your state’s laws about drug paraphernalia. The majority of states DO consider glass bongs to be drug paraphernalia because the glass bong itself can be used to ingest drugs like marijuana. Carrying one with you COULD result in drug paraphernalia charges, however unfair that may seem. Some would argue that you could simply tell officers that you use a glass bong to ingest a legal substance like tobacco, but because of the majority of users finding glass bongs desirable for marijuana, you still might face charges. A good lawyer will be able to argue your side.

Can you get arrested?

It is up to the officer as to whether or not to arrest you for drug paraphenalia charges. They COULD arrest you. Some of it will depend on whether they find residue on your bong. If there’s any type of residue in there, there’s good reason for the officers to suspect that you’ve been using the glass bong in the commission of a crime (smoking marijuana in places where marijuana or other substances are illegal). For this reason, many lawyers recommend that you don’t travel with a glass bong, especially if you’re going to be carrying it with you in a number of different public locations or your car out in the open. This doesn’t mean that you will always face charges. If no residue is found, you might get off with a warning.

Accepting the law

Given the nationwide push for legalization of marijuana, it can seem unfair for states to ask you not to carry something with you that could be used for something that’s completely legal in a year or two. However, lawyers are here to keep you on the right side of the law. Make sure that you follow your state’s laws on having drug paraphernalia with you. Remember that even alcohol containers can get some people arrested, despite the fact that it’s legal. Most people concur that they don’t want to see certain things in public places. Always make sure that you follow the law and try to keep your glass bongs at home.

If you are charged with this type of crime, a good lawyer may be able to get you out of the situation IF there were no drugs found at the scene. In some instances, they can get the case thrown out if it’s a first charged or the charges reduced if you’re attempting to do better. Call a lawyer immediately if charged.

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