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Gardena Criminal Lawyers

Here is a fact: a defense attorney is your best defense when you are suspected of a misdemeanor or a felony in Gardena. Yes, you might have the evidence and enough witnesses, but if you don’t have someone to present them the right way in court, you face a strict sentence. It doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or guilty, you need the right representation.

A criminal defense lawyer is the first person you need to think about when you find yourself being suspected of a criminal offense. This is because as lawyers, we perform several duties towards proper resolution of your case.

We Protect Your Rights

We uphold your rights under the Bill of Rights as set in the constitution of the United States of America. This means that, even though you are suspected of a felony, you are still treated fairly by the US criminal justice system.
Here are some of the rights we help uphold:
• The right to trial by a jury of your peers.
• The right to remain silent.
• The right to legal counsel.
• The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
• The right to a speedy and public trial.
• The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
We understand how these rights work, and we know when they are violated.

We Perform Necessary Investigations

The prosecutor, the police and the detectives might make it seem as if you are guilty even before you face trial. They might scare you with the evidence and make you say you are guilty when you are innocent. Don’t buy into this. When you have a lawyer by your side, you realize that there is no case at all.

One way a prosecutor nails you down is by use of witnesses. However, not every witness is straightforward. This is why we take time, question the witnesses, and look at their history to identify flaws. We can then use these pointers to weaken the prosecutor’s case.

We perform these investigations independently to prove your innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. With enough evidence, we can warrant your release.

We Attend Court on Your Behalf

There are instances when you don’t have to be in court for the proceedings. When this time comes, all you need is legal representation in court. This allows you to perform other tasks that are core to your existence.

We have enough staff to represent you in court in you absence. After the session, we take time to update you on what went on and what the next step should be.

We Understand Law

We have specialized in criminal law, which means we understand every legal aspect of your case. We not only understand the local aspect of the law, but also the state and federal government provisions regarding your case.

We know the legal procedure of a criminal case right from the start to the end. We therefore know what you need, at what time. We shall guide you through the whole process and make sure everything goes according to schedule.

We Effectively Counter the Prosecutor

We have been in the field for many years now, and we understand how prosecutors behave while in court. We know what you need to stand up and prove your innocence. Well, we have the time and resources to come up with the best arguments to give you an appropriate defense.

We advice you Accordingly

There is nothing confusing and stressful like a trial. When you get to court, you find the judge, the jury and the prosecutor waiting to hear your side of the story. Time comes when you have to make decisions touching on the case. If you don’t have an expert to help you interpret the scenario and make the right decision, you end up making the situation worse.

Why Us?

Why should you work with Farar & LLP? We have a combined experience of 70 years handling criminal cases with a high success rate. The composition of our team is also one of the reasons we stand out. One of us has been a District Attorney, which means we have a deeper understanding of how the legal system works.

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