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Finger to Nose Field Sobriety Test

Police use the finger to nose field sobriety test to check whether someone is intoxicated. This can lead to a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) if the test is failed. The test is notoriously inaccurate. The test does not hold the same weight as other tests when presented in court. You should understand a little about the finger to nose field sobriety test.

How the Finger to Nose Sobriety Test Is Administered

The finger to nose sobriety test begins when an officer asks you to stand with your feet flat on the ground. You arms are handing at your sides with your index fingers extended. The officer then asks you to tilt your head back. You must close your eyes at this point. The police officer will instruct you to touch your nose with one of your index fingers. You must touch your nose and return your hand to your side all in one single motion without stopping or hesitating. You will be asked to touch your nose with your index finger up to six times during the test. Police watch your body language looking for signs that you might be intoxicated.

Failing the Finger to Nose Test

Police are watching for several things while you are performing the test. They are carefully watching your balance. They do not want to see you losing balance or swaying. They will also watch your hands to see whether you are trembling or shaking. They carefully monitor your actions to make certain that you are following all of the instructions accurately. Officers will ensure that you are actually touching the tip of your nose and not other parts of your face. Officers study your muscles to see whether you are overly tense or overly loose. The final thing they look for are any odd sounds or statements that you make during the test. Offices are likely to declare that you failed the field sobriety test if one or more of these factors are present.

Issues with This Test

There are several issues with the finger to nose field sobriety test. One of the largest is that it is not standardized like other tests. Police officers are free to change how the test is given at any time. They are not bound by guidelines that clearly state the criteria for passing or failing the test. This means the results of the test are based solely on the opinion of the police officer. Another issue with the test is that it is often administered on the side of a busy road while the driver is under stress. This disorienting situation can lead to problems with balance and coordination. A final issue is that the test itself does not necessarily measure things that are associated with drinking and driving.

Failing the Test

If the police officer claims that you failed the finger to nose field sobriety test, then a few things could happen to you. You might be arrested for driving under the influence on the spot. Your car might be towed and impounded. The police might use the results of the test to search your vehicle without your permission or a warrant. If you were subjected to a finger to nose sobriety test, then the best course of action is to call a DUI attorney as quickly as possible.

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