Why you need a lawyer for a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

Posted By max soni, On January 31, 2019

Currently, a lot of people have been convicted or are facing federal criminal charges across the US. The public has looked down upon the importance of having an attorney during a grand Federal Grand Jury Subpoena. Usually, a grand jury comes first before any criminals charges proceeding. In the event that you are issued with a notice to appear before a grand jury it highly probable that you are under probe for a federal criminal offense. Under normal circumstances, the jury and the prosecution team will work together to establish whether you are to face criminal charges or not. This jury proceeding will undoubtedly weigh much on the possibility of facing federal criminal charges.


Appearing before a federal grand jury without a lawyer could be suicidal in the sense that you are most likely to face criminal trials. Getting a competent and professional attorney/ lawyer will put you at ‘ahead’ of the system. It will in a long way help you avoid the stressful criminal trials that could probably culminate to conviction. The attorney will represent you and work to prove to the jury that the evidence presented by the prosecution team is void and hence proving your innocence. Hiring a lawyer is the best shot and chances are that you will be relieved of probable criminal trials.


So, how does the Grand Jury Proceedings look? A grand jury constitutes a 16 to 23 member group. These individuals are called to serve in the court just like in an ordinary court proceeding. They are all mandated to make intensive reviews on the evidence tabled by the prosecution and determine your fate. In case, there is enough evidence, they recommend for a court trial.


On the other hand, if the evidence is insufficient, then the case could end at that point. However, the prosecution team could opt to push for a criminal trial. Nonetheless, the chances are that the prosecution will lose in the criminal trials. In case of this eventuality, your lawyer will work relentlessly to develop a solid case in court and that way you be very much close to your freedom and stress-free life.


Hiring an attorney for federal grand jury subpoena comes with a number of privileges. A lawyer will definitely add a lot of value with regard to discrediting the prosecution evidence. He/she will feel the heat of the jury on your behalf. Even though the proceeding may be less formal having legal representation at this stage will significantly affect the outcome of the direction your cases. At this point, it vital that do a background check to establish the competence, history, and skills of your lawyer. Do not just hire and ‘any criminal lawyer.’


Here three main reasons why you should consider having an attorney on your side in a federal grand jury subpoena.


First of all, is that the lawyer will take through probable questions in a grand jury proceeding. In case it is a subpoena for documents, the lawyer will assist in determining or identifying whether they are any privilege issues in the document or expected testimony. If they are any, the lawyer will help you go through them during the entire grand jury process.


Secondly, is that the lawyer will give regular updates on the investigation status. He/ she will work keep you posted on the direction of the investigation by the prosecution. This will in a big way reduce stress and help you focus on your daily life without much worry.


The attorney will work precisely to help you understand your role and responsibility with regard to the investigation procedures. Additionally, he /she will provide you will a clear status of your criminal investigations.


Lastly, the attorney will assume a logistics function. Logistics are basically procedures that needed to be followed as far as the grand jury and court trial processes are concerned. For example, if there are any document submissions to be done, then the lawyer will be there to make sure that is done. At the same time, the attorney will ensure all the processes are cost-effective, law-abiding, and as per the provisions of the prosecution and those of the grand jury subpoena.


All these functions will provide for a smooth grand jury subpoena proceedings, and it will in a big way positively affect its outcome. In addition to this, the lawyer may address issues concerning scheduling problems or other issues that may be pressing you. If you need to reach out to the prosecution, the lawyer can reach out to the team on your behalf instead of doing it yourself.


Hiring a lawyer will add value to your proceedings if your freedom is a priority, hiring a lawyer at this stage is highly recommendable if you want to a chance to clears your name.