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Do I need a los angeles criminal lawyer if I intend to plead guilty?

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All criminal charges are very serious legal issues that will require by law that most defendants will need legal counsel because criminal cases typically carry the potential of incarceration for some amount of time. This is true of misdemeanors as well as felony charges in many instances. All misdemeanor charges do not carry jail term potential, but fines can still be very significant. All individuals charged with felonies are required to have legal counsel as well because all levels of felony charges carry a minimum of one year incarceration in a state approved detention facility. There are some defendants who may intend to plead guilty for misdemeanors if they are sure of the punishment and already have a record. For those who have never run afoul of the law, having a criminal defense attorney can mean avoiding this stigma that can affect many ongoing aspects of the defendant’s life.

What a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do

Many cases are the result of charges being applied using weak or inadmissible evidence, All evidence used in prosecution must be material facts that support charge validity beyond a reasonable doubt. The problems begin when officers are over-zealous in pursuit of a charge and use flimsy or illegally confiscated evidence to file the charge. Many times this also includes being arrested at the time the evidence is obtained, which also creates another problem for the defendant. All of this action is subject to cross-examination from an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can conduct an independent evaluation regarding how the charge came about, many times resulting in a reduced charge and potential own recognizance release from jail. Even when the state has a solid case, having an attorney negotiating a plea deal can result in lessening the damage from the conviction.

Public Defenders vs Personal Attorneys

Individuals who intend to plead guilty to a charge should also evaluate the need for retaining a personal attorney. Just because a charge is obviously valid does not mean that a personal attorney cannot still produce a more favorable agreement. Personal attorneys also tend to be more diligent than designated public defenders when arguing a case with the prosecutors. Some states have public advocates in their employ, meaning that the same state pressing the charge is also paying the defendant’s legal counsel. This could easily be a conflict of interest when an attorney is not willing to represent a defendant effectively.

Anyone wanting the best plea arrangement possible should always retain an experienced and thorough criminal defense attorney who will ensure that all actions by the state are valid in a court of law. In addition, many times a prosecutor will make a sentencing offer that is accepted by the defendant just to have the agreement rejected by the judge. While a public defender may not write a plea agreement contract, a personal lawyer will always use a documented agreement to ensure sentencing is consistent with the plea offer. All defendants should remember that retaining an attorney for a legal issue is not just an investment in their freedom, but an investment in their future as well.