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Do I have to speak to the police after an arrest?

by admin   May 19, 2018   Filed Under:

After you are arrested, it’s smart NOT to speak to the police. You’ll be read your rights after you’re arrested. This includes the right to speak to an attorney, and the right to remain silent + right to a speedy trial. You can choose to remain silent after you’re arrested – because anything you say can, and will, be used against you. Once you’ve hired an attorney, you can discuss the charges against you and whether a plea deal is possible. In some cases, it can be a good idea to speak to the officer who arrested you. Some officers will give you an opportunity to explain what happened – which is the best time possible to develop a rapport with the officer. If you’re truthful, then this can carry over positively into the courtroom, and can bode well for your trial if the case isn’t settled.  Some officers, though, can be tricky and will act like they are on your side – and will use the information they learn against you. Some officers will lie to you in order to get a confession from you – and to get you to reveal details.

Some police officers will lie to you in order to get a confession from you. It’s best to wait until you speak to an attorney who is on your side before you speak to the police after an arrest.