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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Emerging DUI Laws and Changes

A DUI is a serious offense, if you’ve received three or more within 10 years in California. The state of California says, that you’ve committed a felony offense and a Los Angeles DUI attorney can help and fight to keep you out of jail. Your first DUI is considered a misdemeanor, but can still carry stiff penalties that should be defended by a legal professional. Don’t run the risk of losing a professional license, higher insurance rates, losing your job, and/or having points placed on your DUI record by letting a DUI attorney in California fight for your rights.

What Are DUI Laws And How Are They Changing

In most states, DUI laws specify that you’re over the legal limit for alcohol, if you’re blood alcohol level is over 0.8%. A law enforcement officer with perform a series of sobriety test to determine if you’re under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Some individuals are required to supply their urine or receive a blood test to check their blood content level. Unfortunately, if you refuse a sobriety test, you can be immediately arrested on the spot for a DUI offense in California.

DUI laws are ever changing and always require the assistance of a legal professional that has expertise in dealing with the court and law enforcement officers they’ve formed a good relationship with to perform as a top legal professionals for your DUI defense. Having a Ignition Interlock Device installed in your vehicle in the state of California may have your licensed reinstated after your first DUI. Secondly, if you’re caught under the influence again, it may give you limited restriction of your vehicle to go to work or school. The device must be be installed and approved by a professional IID installer. Non-compliance of these rules can be reported to the court as a probation violation and you could be jailed.

The use of marijuana in California under Proposition 64 has been a contributing factor to the number of DWI convictions. A simple breathalyzer test will not determine how much marijuana in is your system and because marijuana stays in your blood stream long after the affects have worn off, blood tests have been highly contested by many legal professionals. To get your blood drawn at the scene would require a warrant and under Proposition 64 law enforcement professionals are now trying to find a way to secure a forced blood test that will determine the amount of THC in your system in California through securing a warrant on the scene. Often times, a swab test is performed to indicate how much marijuana use that the individual has participated in at the time that their pulled by a law enforcement officer.

What To Expect From A DUI Attorney

Expect to receive a top notch legal professional that has experience with the court and knows how to fight for their clients rights with a California DUI attorney. An attorney that is respected throughout the court system will be able to effectively work with the judge and law enforcement officers. You should never try to fight a DUI offense on your own to avoid huge court fees and losing your license. A competent DUI California attorney will fight hard to keep you out of jail and help you secure your driving privileges. A refusal will allow the prosecutor to add stiffer penalties and can be negotiated with a top legal professional. You’re invited to visit your local California DUI attorney for more details on a free consultation to discuss your case. They fight for you no matter how many prior DUI’s you’ve received in the past.

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