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El Monte Criminal Lawyers

El Monte residents in need of quality and zealous defense in a criminal case will be glad to learn that Farar Criminal Defense and its team of experienced criminal defense lawyers are ready, willing, and able to effectively represent them. It is easy for anyone to make an accusation, but our legal system puts in place hard-to-reach requirements before a conviction can occur- “beyond reasonable doubt” in the minds of a 12-member non-partial jury of one’s peers. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights is highly concerned as well with the rights of the accused, six out of those 10 Amendments concerning themselves with equal and fair treatment of all citizens before the law. We at Farar believe that everyone, no matter who they are or what they have been accused of, ought have the benefit in court of well-trained and highly experienced defense attorneys, and we exist to provide that opportunity to residents of El Monte, eastern L. A., and all southern California. If you have had criminal charges brought against you, feel free to call us at 800.615.6595 for a free consultation or to visit us online at for more information.

The Duty of a Defense Attorney to His Client

We at Farar and Lewis feel the obligation to utilize our hard-earned expertise in criminal law and court proceedings to aid the accused individual at stage of the legal process. We have acquired intimate knowledge of the letter and applications of penal and procedural codes, and we often know the particular habits of specific judges and prosecuting attorneys. All of this amounts to an advantage in the court room, not allowing inexperience of the way things work in our present court system or ignorance of the laws to work against our clients. The prosecutor will be well versed in the laws and the strategies that he has found effective during his career, and it behooves us at Farar to match and exceed his skills and knowledge so as to give the best possible defense to each client. Things change in the legal world as fast sometimes as they do in the tech world, and the lawyers at Farar keep informed of those changes in law and procedure as surely as a computer technician keeps on top of the latest technological advances. Our duty, from beginning to end, is to protect those charged with crimes from having their equal rights under the law abused or ignored, knowingly or unknowingly, by police, courts, or prosecutors. We take that responsibility very seriously and are always ready to fight for each client with not only the wisdom of our trade, but old-fashioned grit and determination.

The Activities of a Defense Attorney in the Courtroom

From the moment we first meet you, we will go to work building a case to defend you in court. Openness between client and defense attorney during the initial interview and throughout the case will help build a good relationship and facilitate a superior strategy to win the case. This works both ways- we always seek to keep you informed of how the case is going and explain to you options as to a possible plea deal or other development. We quickly obtain all police and other official documentation and examine it for adherence to the laws and Constitution. We seek out witnesses and evidences in your favor that the other side would not likely bring to the court’s attention, weigh and counter the prosecution’s scenarios and fact-assertions, and probe the opposing case for weaknesses that can force an acquittal or reduction of charge or sentence. We carefully plan out our arguments, both initially and every step along the way. The burden of proof is on the one bringing charges, and we make sure that that principle is adhered to- for everyone is innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty, not the reverse. We understand that your future is at stake and we fight for you the way we would want to be fought for, were our roles reversed.

Those accused of crimes of any sort in El Monte or the L. A. metro area, be those charges felonies or misdemeanors, state or federal violations, or in any other category, can count on Farar criminal defense team to come to their aid with both zeal and knowledge.

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