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Effective Representation of a Los Angeles DUI Involving Drugs

Here’s an article from, a top rated e-commerce shop that sells CBD vape pens like the ALD Amaze VFire. The Los Angeles legislature sat down and decided to amend the California Vehicle Code Number 23152. They decided to major their focus on the misdemeanor DUI cases that are on the increase in the state. The legislature decided to make a new provision for the mistakes to have a tighter penalty for anyone who is found guilty of committing the California misdemeanor DUI cases. DUI cases have had significant legal punishment for those who are found guilty in the state. However, the new provisions will see those who have been found guilty to face serious criminal charges for any offense they will have committed.

If a police officer pulls you over for a suspicion that you were driving under the intoxication of drugs and alcohol, they already have enough legal implications and a substantial amount of probable cause before they decide to arrest you. When you are pulled over, and you know you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you might consider working towards hiring the representation of an attorney to represent your interests since the case commenced. Working with a lawyer will prove to be of great benefit to those who have no experience in the DUI cases. In fact, attorneys also require other attorneys to represent them when they are found arrested for the misdemeanor DUI cases in the country.

The legislatures in California sat down and decided to amend certain laws and clauses that are stated in the misdemeanor DUI cases to take a new form. They included all languages that stated that it is unlawful for a driver to drive a car in the state while under the influence of alcohol or the intoxication of drugs. These clauses have serious meanings when it comes to legal representation. Therefore, you must struggle to adjudicate for better representation after the amendments.

If you are found to drive a car under the influence of alcohol and drugs, you will be arrested for a DUI misdemeanor offense for the first time. If it is the second and subsequent time you are arrested for the same charges, you may face serious sentences on top of your minimum sentence as a way to show you that you are committing a crime you don’t need to. When you are driving under the influence of alcohol, the prosecution will prove that case easily. Some example can help us understand the meaning of these misdemeanor DUI cases.

Let us consider the case of David who is driving his car from a party. During the time in the party, David took a few beers before he decided to go home. On his way home, he was stopped by the police officers for running a red light. When the officers approached his car, they are hit with the smell of alcohol. They also noticed that David was having a hard time to focus and a slurred speech at the time when he moved closer to the car. The police officers asked him to submit the blood test after suspecting that he was drunk with alcohol. When he took the test, they found out that David had more than 0.12 percent of alcohol in his blood system.

Let us look at another example where Don was driving home after hanging out with friends at a station. While he was with his friends, he took some prescribed drugs. According to the drugs instruction, you are not supposed to take them while you are operating a car as they may distort your focus or have impaired judgment. Don likes the way the drug makes him feel. Therefore, he took more than the recommended dosage. However, he did not take any alcoholic beverage while he was hanging out with friends. When he was at the red light, he ran over to signal the police to pull him over. When the police approached his car, they noticed that he was talking sluggish with slow movements. He also lacked focus. The police officers suspected him for taking alcohol and asked him to take the breathalyzer test. He agrees, and the test reads negative. While they don’t have the legal rights to restrain him, they schedule him for a DUI.

Both Don and David need the legal representation of an experienced DUI Los Angeles attorney. In Don’s case, there is no evidence for incrimination. However, the defense is available for both cases to give arguments that can dismiss or reduce the sentence.

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