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Los Angeles Dog Bites Lawyers

October 29, 2017 Uncategorized

Dog owners love their animals, and many people agree that dogs are part of the family. Every family with a dog is expected to handle their dog ownership with responsibility. Dog owners are expected to behave with reasonable care by providing their dogs with good homes, food to eat, shelter, and veterinary care when needed. Dog owner are also expected to keep their dogs in their own yard, in their own home, and on their leashes unless they are in a location that does not require dogs on a leash. Dogs are expected to behave around other people, and dog owners are expected to control their dogs to the point they are not able to bite or injure others.

Dog owners are liable for the damage their dogs cause if they attack a person. The law wants to keep people safe, and it states that anyone who is in a public place or on private property within their rights is protected from the attack of any dog. If a dog should attack someone in either of these places, the owner of the dog becomes liable for the injuries and damages the dog causes, no matter the size or the breed of the dog.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Anyone who has been injured by a dog can file a lawsuit against the owners of the dog for compensation to help cover their medical bills and other costs associated with the bite or attack. A person doesn’t have to be bitten by a dog to file a suit. The person could be injured when a dog was being too rough and knocks them down or if a dog harms your pet or your own property. There are many laws governing what can and cannot be claimed, and there are laws that state who may file a claim.

The misconception is anyone who is bitten by a dog on private property is not able to file a lawsuit. The law is complex here. It mandates a person must be on private property lawfully. Examples of people who can be on a piece of private property lawfully include:

– Family members who live in the house
– Anyone hired to work on the house
– Mail carriers
– Package deliveries
– Law enforcement offers
– Medical personnel
– Any person with a legal right to be on the property
– Any guests invited to the home by the homeowner

Someone who is not lawfully on a piece of property includes solicitors not invited onto the property such as the people who go around selling meat out of their trucks, and any criminals in the act of casing, robbing, or engaging in any other criminal activity while on the property.

Dog bit injuries might include any number of specific injuries from bites to injuries sustained while falling during a dog attack. Some of the most common injuries of a dog attack include:

– Wounds
– Scratches
– Bite marks
– Scarring
– Disfigurement
– Physical impairment
– Infections
– Nerve damage

Some people might suffer from other damages that aren’t physical as a result of a dog bite or attack. Many victims suffer from psychological trauma, mental anguish, or even pain and suffering. If the attack is serious enough, a person might be out of work for any length of time, which results in a loss of earnings and wages. The medical bills from even the smallest attack can add up quickly, particularly if the injuries a victim sustains are not covered under their insurance plan.

What To Do Following an Attack

If a dog attacks you or someone you love, you must call the police and for medical help immediately. Following the filing of a police report and medical treatment, you should call an experienced dog bit attorney to help you handle your case. You are entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustain in a dog attack or from a dog bite, and our attorneys have the experience to help you with that. The compensation the dog owner might owe can help you with the expenses you incur as a result of becoming a victim of a dog bite or attack.

– Lost wages from loss of work or inability to work
– Pain and suffering
– Medical bills
– Long-term care
– Surgery
– Death

There’s no limit to what you can use these funds for if you are owed compensation from a dog owner, but this compensation is designed to make your life a little easier as you pay bills associated with the attack on your person. The person whose dog attacked you is considered negligent, and their homeowner’s insurance is likely going to pay you a large sum of money to help with the medical costs associated with this attack.

An experienced attorney is here to help, and the help we provide is priceless. We take photos, evidence, reports, and witness statements following the attack or bite. We do a search to find out if the dog has ever attacked or bitten anyone before, if it has a history of aggression, or if the dog is an illegal breed in the county or jurisdiction in which it’s being housed. The evidence we collect is used to build your case so that the negligent party’s insurance company increases the payout they owe you so you can begin the process of healing.

It’s not difficult to prove a dog bit you, but it’s necessary to collect all evidence and handle the situation correctly from the start. Don’t wait to alert police to a dog attack or bite. Call immediately, see the doctor, and make sure you don’t need any shots or antibiotics to prevent infection. Once you handle these imperative steps, it’s time to call an experienced attorney to discuss your dog bite case. You’re not responsible for your own financial issues caused by a dog bite and the ramifications of that.



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